Fortnite community wants a train-themed survival LTM

Fortnite community wants a train-themed survival LTM (Image via Twitter/GoldFn__)
Fortnite community wants a train-themed survival LTM (Image via Twitter/GoldFn__)

Aside from the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite has numerous creative maps that players can try. They can even earn XP while playing them. A good example is maps such as The Pit and Up. However, certain limitations and restrictions come into play. For this reason, the community as a whole looks forward to seeing limited-time modes (LTMs) in-game.

Coming to this very topic, community members are of the opinion that Epic Games should create a survival-themed LTM incorporating the train. A post on Reddit breaks down how this mode could function. Seeing reactions from other users, it's very evident that the idea is slowly gaining traction online. Read on to know more.

Train-themed survival Fortnite LTM idea is on the right tracks

Posted by Reddit user Liquid_Fox_Guyver9, they jotted down how this LTM could function and listed out a set of gameplay rules that could be implemented to make things interesting.

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The game starts with three players on a train. Each will be given multiple weapons of the lowest tier. An AR, a shotgun, and an SMG will be the likely choices. Shields and health will be maximum since it will be a co-op sort of LTM.

Unlike in Battle Royale mode, where the Storm Circle shrinks and players must rush to get into the safe zone, in this proposed LTM, the train will be in the safe zone. As such, the Storm Circle will follow it as it moves around the map.

As the train moves, hordes of enemies will rush to attack it. Players will have to defend the train and themselves. As time progresses and players survive and pass a station located on the map, their weapons get upgraded. Health items are also distributed.

With each successful circuit that the train loops, the XP reward gets better as well. This alone would be an incentive for players to keep playing. Whoever has the most loops on the train could even be featured on a leaderboard. This would make Fortnite LTM more competitive as well.

In short, this is very similar to Horde Rush, but having an epic showdown on a moving train is a different ball game altogether. Here is what other community members have to say about this idea:

As seen in the comments, while everyone loves the idea, they are certain Epic Games will not create this LTM. Over the past few seasons, LTMs have all but disappeared. It's probably due to the fact that developers want community-driven content using Creative 2.0, but LTMs just hit differently.

That said, this idea will remain as such until the developers give players the tools to create something similar. Hopefully, it can be made using UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) in the near future.

Is there any Fortnite LTM in development?

According to the latest Fortnite leaks, an LTM is being developed, but there is no release date in sight. It is called Midas Presents: Floor Is Lava LTM. The only thing that can be confirmed is that Epic Games is actively working on it. From time to time, files are updated.

It is speculated that it could be part of a Midas event in Chapter 5 Season 2, owing to the Greek mythology theme, but nothing is set in stone. As such, until Epic Games confirms things, there is no telling what they have planned.

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