Fortnite concept artist reveals the ultimate Sweaty skin for Fortnitemares

Fan's concept art merging all sweaty skins (Image via Reddit/AnimeAbsol)
Fan's concept art merging all sweaty skins (Image via Reddit/AnimeAbsol)
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With Fortnite's yearly Halloween event Fortnitemares right around the corner, Epic Games recently gave its players a glimpse of the upcoming Fortnitemares 2021 with a brief trailer.

While the developers haven't revealed any details surrounding the event yet, players can definitely expect to see a ton of new skins, map changes, and other cool things. A Fortnite fan on Reddit shows off their concept art skin which might be the perfect "sweaty" skin for Epic to introduce during the Fortnitemares event.

Fortnite Season 8: A fan reveals their concept skin for this year's Fortnitemares

Going under the nickname AnimeAbsol, this Fortnite fan and artist has designed a concept skin that looks nothing less than astounding. The skin is named "The Crankenstein" and seems to be an amalgamation of all the game's sweatiest skins into one.

As seen above, it can be clearly noted that the concept skin not only matches the current Halloween vibe, but is also unique in itself. The artist has also labeled different sections of the skin. Additionally, the Reddit artist has even designed a pickaxe and a backbling for the skin, making it a complete bundle.

The pickaxe is dubbed as "Bone Wand," and has a star mounted on two bone joints. The star even has two eyes and a creepy smile, which looks spooky, to say the least. Players can finish off the entire spooky look with a backbling named "Unsprout." The backbling is shaped like a sunflower and has two leaves on one side. The center has a weird-looking half smiley face with a red bowtie at the bottom.

The backbling looks classic and certainly compliments the eerie skin and theme. If Epic is looking to include a Fortnitemares exclusive bundle, the Crankenstein skin, pickaxe, and backbling might just be what they're looking for. Epic might soon announce the event's release date as well as share some details about the upcoming event.

What do leaks tell us about the event?

Looks like Fortnitemares is not gonna be just cosmetics, Epic are working on gameplay stuff/items for it, I have no idea what they got exactly but there's some stuff that I'll tweet later when I'm certain about it!What are your hopes/predictions? ๐Ÿ‘€

A recent tweet by HYPEX sheds some light on what players can expect. As per the tweet, some of the in-game files hint that new gameplay mechanics might be added by Epic. Players will learn more about the event as the end of the month approaches. It will be interesting to witness what Epic has planned for the event and what surprises the developers have in store for the community.

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