Fortnite developer Epic Games fires employee who raised concerns about pronoun usage at the workplace

Fortnite developer Epic Games is yet to make an official statement on the matter (Image via Twitter/wither_storm00)
Fortnite developer Epic Games is yet to make an official statement on the matter (Image via Twitter/wither_storm00)
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With Fortnite being as popular as it is, opinions, cultures, and religions tend to cross over and amalgamate. Players will often find themselves playing with others who don't even speak the same language, yet they somehow work together to win. That's what the game is all about; unity in diversity.

A few months ago, Epic Games took a stance and showed their support for the LGBTQ community in Fortnite. In a post, the company wrote:

"Everyone is welcome aboard the Battle Bus. "

However, according to the community, time and time again, they failed to upload their oath. In the most recent debacle, an Epic Games employee claims to have been fired after raising concerns about the use of pronouns in the workplace.

Epic Games have been accused of firing an employee who raised concerns over their use of pronouns. The employee explained that queer people are not safe working for Epic, with trans staff constantly being misgendered and ignored…

Fortnite developer Epic Games reportedly fired employee who raised concerns over use of pronouns

The employee in question, who goes by the name Gregor Thunderdragon on Twitter, stated that Epic Games' internal affairs regarding pronouns were not in order. He wrote:

"Last paycheck cleared, so here we go. Epic Games fired me for speaking out about their internal diversity practices for pronouns. I spoke out, in "public" via internal channels about their practice being cr*ppy."

Epic Games went one step further and fired him, citing performance as the issue. However, as luck would have it, he had documentation from three days prior to being fired, which ranked his work as "exceptional." He wrote:

"They said it was about performance. This is easily proven wrong, as I have documentation from three days prior describing my performance as 'exceptional'."
@Canopenerdude Honestly its a bit long, but the tl;dr version of it is, they make it needlessly complicated to display pronouns in official work communication spaces and dont want to make it easy because it might make some people feel pressure to show their pronouns.

According to Gregor, internal communication channels were using the word "Mega-Gays" as an identification tag. He wrote:

"I should also note: All the internal communication I used to express my displeasure was via the Epic "Mega-Gays" ERG. Which *is not a safe space*."

Currently, Epic Games is yet to respond to these accusations publicly. In the meantime, the incident has created unwanted PR for the company on social media. Here's what a few individuals had to say about it:

@xDarkin_ @nokkaizooo @MagusFirebeard I've always said this, from ad campaigns to a developer randomly claiming a character is LGBTQ five years after the game has been released.99% of the time it's for nothing more than praise and Twitter likes and it is so transparent but people always fall for it.
@MagusFirebeard Just FYI they always say performance when they don't have anything else but they want to intimidate you into not filing unemployment. The burden of proof is on them most places. One of mine did that when I filed and they provided zero evidence when investigators came knocking.
@MagusFirebeard Very cool company to have just purchased @Bandcamp
@MagusFirebeard Man wtf Epic :/ I’ve been a dedicated fan and advocate but I’m really starting to lose faith. And this isn’t the first time they chose money over LGBTQ rights. Let’s not forget about the Rainbow Royale fiasco. Seems they only view LGBTQ people as another demographic to market to.
@itsarkheops @MagusFirebeard corporations are never your friend. everyone rainbow-washes in June. the terminology is called rainbow capitalism and you can never trust any corporation to look out for any interests besides what gets them more money.
@MagusFirebeard This wouldn’t surprise me. Lest we forget how Epic Games staff handled the whole Rainbow Royale / Pro 100 situation

Fans will be hoping Epic Games takes this issue seriously and addresses it as soon as possible in order to avoid having another "AwA situation" unfold prior to the launch of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

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