Fortnite is giving a Sword Pickaxe for free, check how you can redeem 

New Fortnite cosmetic will be obtainable for free (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite v22.40 update was released on Tuesday, November 15, and has added a lot of new content to the popular video game. Considering that this is the last major update of Chapter 3, the community expected something big.

The new update has also brought many new cosmetics. Some of them are free and will be obtainable by the end of Chapter 3 Season 4. According to the leakers, Epic Games is giving a new sword pickaxe for free, but this will be a limited-time item.

This article will reveal everything we know about the new pickaxe and explain how to obtain it. We will also take a deeper look at the latest update and check the most important additions that have come with it.

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New Fortnite pickaxe will be free for a limited time

New Fortnite update has added a lot of new content (Image via Epic Games)
New Fortnite update has added a lot of new content (Image via Epic Games)

The free pickaxe will be released with the Duelist's Grace bundle, according to iFireMonkey. The popular Fortnite Battle Royale leaker has revealed a few more details regarding the free cosmetic item, including its release date and design.

According to the leaker, the free bundle will be released on Tuesday, November 22, at 11:00 am Eastern Time. Considering that it will come out on Tuesday, there is a good chance that Epic Games will release the v22.40 Content Update on this day.

As you can see in the tweet above, the new pickaxe looks amazing and there is no doubt that a lot of players will want to obtain it. However, it's important to note that the cosmetic item will only be available for a week. Based on the leak, the pickaxe will be removed on November 29, a few days before the live event.

Furthermore, the Fortnite leaker revealed that the free pickaxe will come in a bundle. Due to this, there is a chance that Epic Games will release even more free Fortnite cosmetics by the end of the season.

The leaker hasn't revealed any other information regarding the bundle. However, there is a lot of content that Epic Games has added with the new update, so it will take a while for the leakers to find everything.

To obtain the new bundle, you will have to visit the Epic Games Store. You will simply have to "purchase" it for zero dollars and it will appear in your account shortly after. The pickaxe will be released as a Black Friday freebie.

More free cosmetics

The pickaxe is not the only free cosmetic that has been added with the latest Fortnite update. Leakers have also found a back bling called "Zero Fragment."

Epic Games will reward players who attend the December 3 event, and the back bling will most likely be the reward. The event begins on Saturday at 4:00 pm Eastern Time, and players will have to log in at least 30 minutes before to avoid server issues.

Finally, another Fortnite x Rocket League collaboration was released with the v22.40 update. Once again, Epic Games has released a couple of free cosmetics that you can earn by playing the game and completing exclusive challenges. In total, there are four new cosmetics that can be obtained this way, including a pickaxe and back bling.

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