Fortnite glitch is turning players into Ant-Man

Ant-Man in Fortnite (Image via
Ant-Man in Fortnite (Image via

Fortnite has the funniest glitches, but sometimes, they can offer an unfair advantage to players. While it is never the conventional way to play competitive matches, these bugs are fun. One such glitch has been making the rounds since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

This particular bug gives players the abilities of Ant-Man. Marvel's popular superhero can turn himself tiny and giant at will, and with the help of this glitch on Fortnite Creative mode, players can do the same in matches.

However, the best part is that this glitch cannot be performed in the regular Battle Royale mode and only in Fortnite Creative.

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Ant-Man glitch in Fortnite Creative

To perform this incredible feat, players need to enter a particular map, known as the "resize skin map." It allows them to change the size of their character at will before the start of the match.

From the hub, loopers need to enter an island code: 2336-9526-3507. Then, they will be taken to the map, where they can begin resizing their character in-game.

Once players enter a match, they need to press "start game." When it loads up, they will see two sections in front of them, "Big" and "Small." Gamers can choose either at their will, and both processes are similar.

Once they decide on the resize kind, they can head to the particular section. On entering, a message will crop up saying crouch, where players will have to crouch and step into a pink box in front of them. Then, they can select the option of "extra big" or "big" and "small" or "extra small." Finally, they can choose anyone and shoot the option with the prop gun.

Once the previous steps are completed, they will need to return to the island after changing their outfit in the booth. Just like that, their character will appear tiny or giant on the map. To nail the transformation, loopers need to do all the steps above correctly.

Readers can watch the video below to garner an understanding of how resized character skins look in Fortnite.

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