5 things in Fortnite that make no sense

Fortnite. Image via Xbox
Fortnite. Image via Xbox
Zachary Roberts

Fortnite has a lot of great features and gameplay. It's one of the most popular and most-played games of all time for a reason. Though they may not have come up with all the ideas on their own, they certainly deserve credit for packaging all these great things into one stellar game.

However, while they've added a lot of great things into the game, not all of them are good or make sense. Here are 5 things in Fortnite that just make no sense at all.

5 senseless Fortnite things

5. Animations

While Fortnite does have a lot of animations in the game like emotes, they have ignored some classic gameplay animations. Sure, picking up a weapon doesn't have to have an animation, but Fortnite has a million dance animations, so why can't they add a simple animation to make the game just a touch more realistic?

4. V-Bucks

One player pointed out that winning games should be met with a monetary prize. It is rather strange that achieving the highly sought after Victory Royale is met with a small amount of XP. V-Bucks are hard enough to come by, so it makes total sense to add them as more incentive to win games. Yes, Epic Games makes money selling V-Bucks, but a small amount for winning won't hurt.

V Bucks. Image via Epic Games Store
V Bucks. Image via Epic Games Store

3. Vehicles

For a long time, all vehicles were just materials to players. They could only be destroyed for metal. Now, players can drive them around all over the map, but they will need gas. It's a bit strange to see such a realistic gameplay mechanic in a game that has eschewed reality on so many fronts.

For a long time, vehicles were just vehicles and didn't require anything else. Planes, Quad Crashers and even the Baller just went without a second thought.

Fortnite gas stations. Image via Twinfinite
Fortnite gas stations. Image via Twinfinite

2. Build mechanics

Ninja's rant about building has become rather infamous. He lost a game due to the inability to build in a spot because of an in-game item. While he probably didn't need to react that way, his point is valid. Some items will break if built on, and others won't. Consistency is key here.


1. Destroying enemy builds

While destroying regular buildings, rocks and cars will get players materials, destroying enemy builds will not. Those builds were built with materials and are made out of those same materials, so their destruction should naturally give the player those materials. A wall costs 10 wood, so breaking it should give the player 10 wood.

Enemy builds, highlighted with red. Image via Reddit
Enemy builds, highlighted with red. Image via Reddit

What are some other useless things in Fortnite?

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