Fortnite: Rock band "Good Kid" has a wild reaction after finding its music on in-game radio

The rock band "Good Kid" (Image via Substream Magazine)
The rock band "Good Kid" (Image via Substream Magazine)
Zachary Roberts

One of the coolest small additions to Fortnite has to be the radio. Vehicles had been an in-game item for a while, but they were lacking something: music.

So, Epic Games decided to add music to the game. Most games have a soundtrack or signature music playing in the background, except Fortnite, so they decided to add that feature to the game.

It was an instant hit as players were able to hear some of their favorite artists and songs while they drove along the Fortnite island. One of those examples is the members of the rock band "Good Kid." The band members had no idea their song was in Fortnite until they heard it live.

Fortnite: Good Kid reacts to hearing its song

Clearly, this was a monumental moment in the band's career. Fortunately for the band, the cameras were running and were able to capture this moment live.

Fortnite had contacted the band to approve the addition of the song and get past pesky copyright laws. This meant that the band did know beforehand that the song had made its way to the popular battle royale game. Still, the joy and surprise at hearing its own song in Fortnite is palpable in the video.

It's one thing for an artist who doesn't really play Fortnite to have a song added to the game, like Cardi B or Justin Bieber. However, for a band or artist that regularly plays and even streams, it's a different thing.

Clearly, the band members were all overjoyed to hear the song in the game. The only thing that could make that moment better was following it up with a win. Incredibly, the band did just that. Hearing the song in a win has to be one of the most incredible moments that the members have ever experienced.

Radio stations are in the vehicles. Image via Fortnite INTEL
Radio stations are in the vehicles. Image via Fortnite INTEL

This will probably be the Fortnite match they all remember most when the game is said and done or their career has run its course. What Fortnite provided the band is so much more than the monetary agreement that was likely decided upon for collecting royalties from the song. What Fortnite gave the band is an irreplaceable memory.

Rock & Royale Radio station in Fortnite. Image via Fortnite Wiki
Rock & Royale Radio station in Fortnite. Image via Fortnite Wiki

The song can be found on the Rock & Royale station. Chapter 2 Season 7 is available to play anywhere now.

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