Fortnite glitch turns players' in-game skin into a miniature character, here is how

One particular Fortnite glitch turns players into a miniature character in the game. Image via YouTube ( Glitch King )
One particular Fortnite glitch turns players into a miniature character in the game. Image via YouTube ( Glitch King )
Amitesh Dhar

Some Fortnite glitches have really funny outcomes. One such Fortnite glitch turns players into miniature characters. Although this sounds very funny and looks equally funny, a miniature character in Fortnite has a lot of competitive advantages.

Thankfully enough, this glitch isn't present in the regular Battle Royale mode. Players can only experience the miniature character Fortnite glitch in Creative mode.

The miniature character Fortnite glitch


To get this Fortnite glitch to work, players need to head over to a particular creative map with the following code: 2336-9526-3507. The map is known as the resize skin map. Players will then need to head into the map to start the game.

Once the game starts, players need to head over to the left side of the map where the pink water is located. The area is demarcated in green and has the words "SMALL" written right at the entrance. Players need to crouch and move into the pink water and shoot the prop gun prop.

Image via YouTube ( Glitch King )
Image via YouTube ( Glitch King )

If done correctly, players will get to a screen that says the resize has been successful. Once that's done, players will need to return to the island in Fortnite and head into the booth to change their skin. If the player has performed all the previous steps accurately, they'll still be a miniature character even after changing their skin.

Once they've selected their desired skin, players can now head back to the hub. The glitch doesn't allow players to get back to their normal size even in the hub. Although this glitch is very funny, it can make a huge difference in matches even in the Creative mode.

A smaller character means a smaller hit box. This means players will have a hard time hitting this miniature character. Players may have a hard time spotting this miniature character from a distance as well. This is probably one of the most over-powered glitches seen in the game.


This isn't the only glitch in the game as of now. There's another glitch that helps players complete a quest quickly. Players can try out these Fortnite glitches for now. There's a high chance that this glitch might get patched out once the Fortnite 16.30 update goes live next week.

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