Fortnite: How to pick a Legendary or Mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling

Easily pick fruit from a Reality Sapling in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Easily pick fruit from a Reality Sapling in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite is all set to offer the latest installment of its weekly challenges. With this, Season 3 will enter the sixth week of its lifecycle. The game has progressed substantially, and is evolving every day to establish the premise for an imminent turn of events.

This week's new challenges offer players a selection of nine different quests that are fairly easy to complete. Fortunately, Epic Games has been clement with the weekly challenges for the season. Except for a few, most of them have been simple tasks, which supplement this season's erratic nerfing of the XP system.

One of the quests in the latest weekly challenge is to pick a Legendary or Mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling. Interestingly, Fortnite offered somewhat similar quests a few weeks ago. It should be easy for players to complete this particular quest, given that they have been primed from an earlier experience.

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Fortnite guide to easily pick fruit from a Reality Sapling

The new Reality biome has been significant in developing the storyline for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Aside from the fact that it contains the pre-eminent Reality Tree, the biome also has flora unlike any other in Fortnite. The Reality Pods and Reality Saplings are all products of the Reality Biome. Now that it is expanding, the biome is more relevant to the lore than it has ever been.

The latest challenge requires players to pick a Legendary or Mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling, which can be done easily. One simply needs to follow these steps to do so:

  1. Players first need to locate a Reality Sapling that is bearing either Legendary or Mythic fruit. While they can pick somebody else's Legendary fruit, Players cannot gather Mythic fruit from anybody else's saplings, except their own.
  2. Upon finding a suitable Sapling, depending on the bloom, players might need to pick weed surrounding the Sapling first.
  3. Once the weed is plucked, the Sapling will produce a fruit that can be harvested by pressing the 'Gather' key.
  4. Players only need to pick a single fruit to complete this challenge.

Although the quest is easy, it is still bound by time. Players need to wait until their Reality Sapling is bearing a suitable tier of fruit. This period depends upon the latest weeding as well as the cooldown period. Players can, however, pick a Legendary fruit from someone else's sapling.


Fortunately, Fortnite has an in-built mechanic that prevents other players from picking somebody else's Mythic fruit. If players are scouting for a Mythic fruit, they need to harvest one from their own sapling. Players should also note that the saplings follow a cycle of fruit-bearing.

So, they need luck to stumble upon somebody else's Sapling with the appropriate fruit. However, they can always just wait for their own Sapling to bear a Legendary or Mythic fruit, and complete other quests from the weekly challenge in the meantime. If players time it right, they can get away with completing another quest along with this one in a single match.

The location of the player's Reality Sapling is visible on the map. While it doesn't show the location of Saplings belonging to other players in the match, one can still find them spawning across the Fortnite map.

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