Fortnite leaks suggest Female Midas could be the next Crew pack skin

Image via @FazeFoley Twitter
Image via @FazeFoley Twitter

Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack might introduce Female Midas in February or March 2021.

Reports on Twitter suggest that Epic Games will release a new version of Midas that was teased at the beginning of Chapter 2 - Season 5. The Fortnite community came up with several theories centered around a Female Midas being the narrative focal point for future Fortnite seasons.

Although Epic Games faced a lot of criticism because of the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack, it is still one of the best methods to get unique in-game cosmetics.

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Epic Games to introduce Female Midas through Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack

The Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack comes with 1000 V-Bucks (monthly) for every player that signs up. Furthermore, the outfits that come with this pack are exclusive.

Epic Games introduced Green Arrow in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 through the Crew Monthly Subscription Pack. However, it was sent to a few players earlier than intended. Epic Games corrected their mistake by removing the outfit from those specific accounts while compensating them with 500 V-Bucks.

The highlight for the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack during January 2021 is the leaked Female Midas outfit. This is going to be a legendary skin in Fortnite.

Popular data miner ShiinaBR claimed on Twitter that the Female Midas outfit would be a part of the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack. However, it turned out to be speculation. There was no official confirmation about this in 2020.

Several data miners have taken to Twitter to report about the Female Midas outfit. While some claim that this outfit might be added in February, others are speculating that it would come during March or April.

Considering the current state of the narrative, Agent Jonesy is running the show in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5. He is going to keep doing so until the Zero Point is contained. However, Midas isn't finished. He is lurking in the shadows to jump at the opportune moment.

Several theories suggest that Midas is going to take control of the Zero Point after defeating Agent Jonesy. It is evident that Midas wants total control over the Fortnite map but there is something more interesting added this season.


The dimension-portal device that Agent Jonesy controls has the power to open pathways to multiple worlds in the Fortnite multiverse. It is possible that Midas will be targeting this device. After all, controlling multiple maps in the Fortnite universe is much better than controlling one map.

However, it might not be the male Midas who takes control in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5. The timing of the Female Midas outfit coincided with this theory which points to a shift of power in the Fortnite universe.


Perhaps she will charm Agent Jonesy to acquire the dimension-portal device only to deceive him later. This might be a major plot leak in the Fortnite narrative.

Hopefully, the community will get to know more about this as soon as Epic Games introduces Female Midas through the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack.

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