Fortnite Let Them Know challenges (Day 1): How to get the free reward

Let Them Know challenges promotional image (Image via Epic Games)
Let Them Know challenges promotional image (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has just dropped the Let Them Know challenges. By completing them, players can earn free rewards. Epic Games often gives away free cosmetics, and this is their latest offering.

Here's what Epic Games said about these new challenges:

"Receive points on Fortnite’s “Let Them Know” website by completing in-game tasks. Each day there is a new task and point milestone. Here is how you can receive in-game rewards: Earn at least one point on any day to receive the Trophy Time Emoticon (a new addition to the Let Them Know Set).

They further added:

"Complete the point milestone of any day to receive 50,000 Fortnite XP. Did you miss a chance to earn a point or complete a point milestone of the day? Complete the point milestone of Day 7 to receive any previously unearned Let Them Know rewards (including the Trophy Time Emoticon and XP rewards) from prior days!"

Here's how you can participate in them in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

How to participate in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Let Them Know challenges

Here's how you can get registered:

  1. Log into the appropriate Epic Games account at the Let Them Know website (
  2. Review the tasks available for you to complete. There will be a new task once a day.
  3. Earn one point or more on any day and unlock the Trophy Time Emoticon. If you complete the point milestone for the day, you can earn 50,000 Chapter 3 Season 4 XP.
  4. If you get to that milestone on the final day, you'll get the previously unearned rewards.

It's essential to play in the right playlists for this event. Fortnite Battle Royale Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads as well as Zero Build Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads are supported.

The Let Them Know set (Image via Epic Games)
The Let Them Know set (Image via Epic Games)

Today's challenge is to get eliminations. Earning one elimination will earn you a point and get you the Trophy Time emoticon. Today's milestone is 20 points, which translates to 20 eliminations.

Tips for getting eliminations

Some players don't prioritize eliminations, but they'll have to for this challenge. Getting them can be challenging, and earning 20 in one day can require a lot of attempts.

However, here are some things players can do to increase their odds of getting an elimination:

  1. Always fire at anyone you see.
  2. If you can engage someone in battle, you should. It may end the match for you, but it is a better opportunity than ignoring players and surviving late into the match.
  3. Drop at hot spots.
  4. Tainted Towers, Shiny Sound, Chrome Crossroads, and many other heavily trafficked POIs are good for this challenge. The more players there are, the more opportunities there will be for you to get eliminations.
  5. Move around the island, even if the circle doesn't force you to. This will increase the odds of you crossing paths with someone you can potentially eliminate.

The eliminations do not have to be in a single match, so you just to have eliminate twenty players in total within the time frame for the free cosmetic.

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