Fortnite now has its own Cryptocurrency 'Fortnite Coins' that can be converted into V-Bucks

 Fortnite Coins launch today for players to explore and decide if the investment is worth it (Image via Fortnite Coin)
Fortnite Coins launch today for players to explore and decide if the investment is worth it (Image via Fortnite Coin)

With the world's currencies shifting to the digital market in terms of buying power, eager creators have produced a website for Fortnite players to convert their money into Fortnite Coins. These coins act as a form of cryptocurrency that can be converted into V-Bucks.

This will be the first instance of any game across the globe that will have its own cryptocurrency, and players should take a great deal of caution when approaching the website prior to any sort of purchase. Time is quickly changing in the gaming world, so it was only a matter of time before something of this nature spread to Fortnite as well.

Fortnite Coins allegedly allow players to earn money by playing

Apparently, these Fortnite Coins that can be purchased with real money are compatible with Epic Games' battle royale specialty and can be swapped over with V-Bucks at a 1-2 ratio (1 Fortnite Coin = 2 V-Bucks). The site where players can delve into the realm of this cryptocurrency claims that players can passively earn money by simply playing the game.

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The money earned by playing can be used to purchase skins and other cosmetics in Fortnite itself, acting the same as V-Bucks. As players earn Fortnite Coins, they can allegedly transfer their money into an online wallet.

Players will be able to purchase Fortnite Coins starting from 12.00 pm EST, October 3, from the creators' official website.

The cryptocurrency may have solid standings and provide an interesting new avenue for the game. However, it could be a massive scam designed to trick players into shelling out money for no reason.

Research before diving into Fortnite Coin

It's unclear how this system works between the lines, so make sure to study up on cryptocurrencies and consult a financial expert if possible. We here at Sportskeeda do not endorse Fortnite Coins in any manner and do not suggest any sort of purchase without the proper research it takes to make a wise financial decision.

Fortnite Coins could be a legitimate method to passively earn in-game money from the game, but there are plenty of sketchy corners to search through first. Proceed with caution, as the website to purchase these coins from appears shady at the very least.

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