Fortnite player drives through multiple gunfights to get to safely, community left in awe

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Redditor u/Lucas_Dash recently posted a short action packed snippet on the community (Image via Epic Games)

Recently, a short yet thrilling Fortnite clip surfaced on Reddit, eliciting a mix of amusement and praise from the community. While such adrenaline-fueled moments are frequent in the title, the clip sparked excitement among players when the action elements reached new heights. These are instances that are eagerly shared among gamers and cherished by the community.

Interestingly, the clip prompted comparisons to a movie action sequence. Redditor u/Lucas_Dash recently posted a snippet on the r/FortNiteBR subreddit, igniting a flood of witty and encouraging remarks in the comment section. One individual within the community jokingly remarked:

"Absolute cinema lmao"

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Guns, car, and chaos - here’s everything you need to know about the recent clip shared on the Fortnite community

Redditor u/Lucas_Dash posted a clip featuring a jaw-dropping car action sequence. In the video, Lucas was seen driving a supercar and navigating a bridge teeming with enemy adversaries. The situation was fraught with danger as the enemies were poised to intercept Lucas. However, his adept driving skills proved instrumental in ensuring his survival in Fortnite, leaving a lasting impression.

The user maintained a steady pace, deftly evading not only gunfire but also potential collisions with other vehicles and the RPG projectile. A collision or direct hit from the RPG could have spelled disaster, but he skillfully maneuvered out of harm's way, all while maintaining his velocity. One user hilariously explained the RPG scene. He said:

This sh..t has everything lol. The bullets whizzing all around. The car jumping over an RPG. The random ass chicken running across the battlefield. This is peak Fortnite.

As the clip progressed, the action escalated further as Lucas executed a daring ramp jump, expertly avoiding enemy fire and landing safely on the ground below. In short, the user demonstrated remarkable driving prowess in a scenario that seemed insurmountable and potentially fatal. It was a moment rife with tension, akin to holding one's breath amidst a whirlwind of chaos.

Well that was chaos

What astounded many community members was the user's adept evasion of RPG shots. Comparisons to a level from a game trailer video were common, with some likening the clip to an in-game cutscene.

One particularly impressed user even equated it to a chase scene from The Batman.

The car chase scene from The Batman

But the comedic highlight of the action sequence was a spontaneous encounter with a chicken crossing the bridge. As the driver pushed the limits, maneuvering through chaos, the unexpected appearance of the chicken resulted in a near collision, eliciting humorous reactions from fans who flooded the scene with amusing comments.

Some fans dubbing it as an advertisement video (Image via Reddit/r/FortNiteBR)
Some fans dubbing it as an advertisement video (Image via Reddit/r/FortNiteBR)

In general, opinions varied, with some fans dubbing it a Fortnite season advertisement video and others seeing it as a typical, action-packed game trailer. Overall, the clip received appreciation, and credit goes to Lucas for effortlessly navigating such a challenging situation. This display is likely to inspire other gamers, and we can anticipate more such content from the community in the future.

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