Fortnite player hits level 350 within 2 weeks of Chapter 3, here is how

This Fortnite player jumped up to level 350 in the 2 weeks that Chapter 3 Season 1 has been out (Image via Twitter)
This Fortnite player jumped up to level 350 in the 2 weeks that Chapter 3 Season 1 has been out (Image via Twitter)

Fortnite players are scrambling to level up as quickly as possible in Chapter 3 to unlock every tier of the Battle Pass. The race is on for the exclusive content Epic Games put in the game.

One player managed to break the laws of virtual physics and soared to a whopping level 350, over 3 times the necessary level to receive everything from the Battle Pass.

Leveling up beyond 100 is starting to become a competition among players to see who can grind the fastest. There are tons of methods to farm mountains of XP, and it appears this player took advantage of all of them.

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Fortnite's XP farming methods allow players to cruise past level 100

The easiest way to level up in Fortnite Chapter 3, if players can afford it, is to simply purchase level boosts that automatically bump them up. Without a foreseeable cap, some could buy their way to incredible heights.

Dozens upon dozens of XP glitches are crawling out of the woodworks, meaning dedicated players can exploit these loopholes and level up multiple times in one creative match. Grinding through regular matches is also a great way to pile up thousands of experience in a short time.

Fortnite Chapter 3 quests and challenges can keep players busy, but they reward large amounts of experience as well. Completing them all should be a high priority for those who want to see a triple digit level next to their name.

All of these methods combined allow players to fly through the Battle Pass and earn prestigious awards awaiting after level 100. XP maps are being uncovered every day, challenges are released every week, and a last resort method to level up is available through the shop.

Those attempting XP glitches in creative should be careful of trying too many as Epic Games is starting to crack down with bans. However, if done with care, they can be helpful in reaching levels well past 100.

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