Fortnite fan recreates playable Chapter 1 Map 'Athena' and it's a paradise for OG players

The creative map looks awesome (Image via Atomic the Boy Dilly Twitter)
The creative map looks awesome (Image via Atomic the Boy Dilly Twitter)

Fortnite is no stranger to map changes and almost every season, players have seen new locations or POIs being added or removed by Epic Games. Season 8 has added a new Cube Town POI and with the Mothership crashing down on the island, various craters can now be found.

While these changes help keep the game fresh and exciting, sometimes there's an inescapable charm that the early iterations of the game had. This is the case with Fortnite's Season 1 map Athena. The map was used in the entirety of Chapter 1 and was kept together by the Zero Point. Thanks to Fortnite Creative, a player has now re-created the entire experience for the community.

Player recreates playable Chapter 1 Map 'Athena' in Fortnite Season 8

Recently a Fortnite player on Twitter shared his passion project on the platform. In the tweet, the user shows a picture of a map that looks exactly like the Chapter 1 Athena Map.

HERE'S THE MAP! πŸ—ΊοΈ Right now edging is being finished up + for some reason trees don't load in! #OGFortnite #Fortnite

As can be seen from the tweet, the map created by the user resembles the Athena Map used during the Chapter 1 era. The player has been able to create a map using Fortnite Creative and will be releasing it on the platform. Based on the teasers, it appears that the map is a faithful recreation of the "OG" map and looks like a nice break from all the craziness floating around in Fortnite Season 8.

The map will be playable as a 100 player battle royale arena and as per the creator, the "Athena Royale" will be coming out tomorrow, i.e., October 21, at 4 PM Eastern Time. The player also mentioned that he has been having issues with trees that don't show up on the map. However, the user is working on it and hopes that it will get fixed soon.


Fortnite Creative is really a very helpful and great tool that serves more functions than were envisioned at launch. Earlier, a Fortnite player successfully emulated one of the games from the hit show Squid Game in Season 8 and now we players can experience a bit of nostalgia thanks to the Season 1 map.

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