Fortnite players will now rebuild Tilted Towers again, all by themselves

This is how Tilted Towers used to look during Chapter 3 Season 2. (Image by Sportskeeda)
This is how Tilted Towers used to look during Chapter 3 Season 2. (Image by Sportskeeda)

Epic Games ushered in a new season of Fortnite with the brand new Chapter 3 Season 3 update. Lots of things have changed in the latest season, and a lot has also happened story-wise.

The Block was one of the new changes that players saw in the new season. It was introduced back in Chapter 1 and showcased buildings from the Creative Maps in the game.

The Block made a striking return in Chapter 3 Season 3, and it will soon feature new buildings.

Fortnite users can now rebuild Tilted Towers

From whatever transpired during the live event, it looks like Tilted Towers bore the brunt of the fallout. However, the entire Fortnite community now has the chance to build this location Towers once again.

The "Block v2 - Tilted Towers" Submissions have started!- "Time to rebuild Tilted, and this time you are the architect. Design your own building to be constructed in the new Tilted Towers POI. Submit your building by June 13."…

Tilted Towers has been a very popular drop spot since it came to the map. This place was once a drop spot for sweats as it offered lots of cover, but it barely had any loot, making survival very difficult for newbies.

That said, this POI has changed a lot over the seasons and has now turned into one of the hottest drops on the map. Tilted Towers doesn't offer much cover in its current state and is a bunch of under-construction buildings.

That is set to change very soon. Loopers can now submit their renditions of Tilted Towers. The best ones will be featured in the game.

However, not everyone will be allowed to submit their designs. Only those who manage to complete Support-A-Creator 2.0 account will be allowed to submit their designs. There are a few guidelines that participants will have to follow as well, which can be found on the official Epic website.


Players will need to submit their entries by June 13. There's a chance that a new version of Tilted Towers could be showcased on the map with the upcoming Fortnite 21.10 update scheduled for June 14.

Given that it is such a popular location, it will be interesting to see what the creators of the community come up with.

Tilted Towers has always been a fun spot to drop into in Fortnite. This area could rightly be dubbed a POI where "survival of the quickest" was the only rule.

Since the POI had scarce loot, whoever dropped there first and picked up a weapon had a higher chance of survival. Hopefully, this aspect of this area won't change even with the community submissions.

Moreover, it is interesting to see Epic involving the community in terms of game development. Over the years, the developer has become more active in terms of community engagement.

Bringing back The Block once again is an example of the company trying to involve the entire Fortnite community in taking the game forward. Previously, when The Block was a part of the game, it was pretty popular in the community. Hopefully, it will stay the same this time around.

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