Fortnite Prop Hunt: UEFN map code, how to play, and more

Fortnite Prop Hunt: UEFN map code, how to play, and more
Fortnite Prop Hunt: UEFN map code, how to play, and more (Image via Epic Games)

Prop Hunt has firmly established itself as one of the most enjoyable game modes in the gaming world, and Fortnite is no different when it comes to titles facing its impact. With the capabilities of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), creators can now bring the Prop Hunt madness into the game like never before, and one such map that does this particularly well is simply titled Prop Hunt.

The Prop Hunt map is created by Fortnite Creators Team Hive, the creative team behind other popular maps like The Pit - Red VS Blue. This article will break down how players can find the map, and relive the classic experience from within the Fortnite ecosystem.

Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Prop Hunt map

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UEFN map code

Since the Prop Hunt map by Team Hive is quite new and gaining some traction from the community, it should be relatively easy to spot. However, if you're having difficulty finding it in the sea of UEFN experiences, make your way to the search icon in the top left corner of the main Battle Royale lobby.

Here, you will find a search bar prompting you to enter the designated UEFN map code for the Prop Hunt map: 4064-5960-7460. After entering the assigned code, hit confirm. This will change your current game mode to the Prop Hunt map, and you can now queue up for a match either solo or with friends.

How to play

After entering a match, you will be assigned one of two roles: a hunter or a prop. If you are a hunter, your job is to seek props out and eliminate them before the timer runs out. On the flip side, if you are a prop, you must choose one of five props using the Prop-O-Matic and hide from the hunters till the timer runs out. The props can run and hide all across the map, and they periodically send out a ping to provide hunters with an idea of where the props are hiding.

The game mode features five different maps and employs a voting system so that all players can have a say in choosing the next map. Additionally, hunters can also purchase higher-tier weapons from Vending Machines with coins they earn by eliminating a prop. These Vending Machines can be found in the hunter hub area, where players wait between rounds.

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