Fortnite Prowler Challenges: Full list of all quests and how to do them

Prowler loading screen (Image via Epic Games)
Prowler loading screen (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games made waves when they released the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 battle pass and revealed that there were two Marvel skins on it.

Doctor Strange is the top-tier skin in the battle pass, but the Prowler is the "secret" skin (even though he's been introduced since the beginning).

The clock is ticking, and the amount of time before players can unlock him is dwindling. The challenges required for the Prowler's cosmetics have been leaked ahead of the official unlocking. Here's how to do them.

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Fortnite: The Prowler challenges guide

The Prowler quests have been leaked by ShrimpsFN on Twitter. There are a total of nine cosmetics and related quests.

Players will need to complete the following:

  • Headshot opponents with a thermal weapon (3)
  • Use a spray at The Daily Bugle (1)
  • Collect bars (300)
  • Collect different weapons that are Epic or better in one match (3)
  • Complete Prowler quests (7)
  • Damage opponents while crouched or sliding (500)
  • Mod a vehicle, then drive it in one match (500 meters)
  • Search chests before taking any damage (7)
  • Complete Prowler quests (3)

The most important one to complete is the last challenge, that only requires gamers to finish three other challenges. This will reward them with the Prowler skin.

Out of these objectives, headshotting opponents with a thermal weapon might be difficult to accomplish. Players will need to start picking up the thermal scoped assault rifle if they aren't familiar with it.

However, using a spray at the Daily Bugle is pretty easy to do. Collecting bars will come naturally, though there are over 200 in the Command Cavern vault.

Prowler page of the battle pass (Image via Epic Games)
Prowler page of the battle pass (Image via Epic Games)

Collecting three different Fortnite weapons that are of Epic rarity in one match will be one of the toughest to complete. It may be beneficial to start storing those weapons in tents and then getting them all out when there are enough of them.

Fortnite players can mod a vehicle with either cowcatchers or off-road tires. Cow catchers can be obtained from toolboxes. The best place to do so is at the gas station in the middle of the map, as there's usually a toolbox and a car in the garage.

Looting seven chests before being damaged will be a challenge depending on where loopers choose to land. At quiet drop spots, this might not be a challenge. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be done in just one match.

Doing all this will complete each of the Prowler quests and reward players with all the currently available cosmetics. As of patch v20.20, these Fortnite quests are live, and players can unlock the skin now.

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