Fortnite update v20.20 patch notes: Omega skin to return, Star Wars skins leak, new shotgun, and more

Patch notes for Fortnite update 20.20 in Chapter 3 Season 2 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Patch notes for Fortnite update 20.20 in Chapter 3 Season 2 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Although Fortnite update 20.20 was supposed to be an eventful update, it's fallen short of being memorable. Nevertheless, there are a few major leaks that have been uncovered, one of which may give some "OG" players a bit of anxiety.

Aside from bad memories, 'The Force' will slowly grow stronger, and Loopers will now have another shotgun to choose from. Keeping new weapons aside, the IO is being pushed back, and a brand new funding station is now live.

Here are some of the most eventful leaks from the Fortnite 20.20 update. Keep in mind that all leaks mentioned in this article may not come to fruition immediately after the update.

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Important patch notes from Fortnite 20.20 update for Chapter 3 Season 2

1) Omega 2.0

After months of rumors, speculations, and leaks, the meta-tag for the skin featured above is finally in the game files. Epic Games has officially named it Carbide. However, according to the community, it's still being called Omega 2.0.

As of now, there is no clear indication of when the skin will be added to the game. Although new encrypted skin IDs have been identified in the game files, none refer to "Carbide." Given these facts, it may take a while before the skin is added to the game.

2) Star Wars NPC and cosmetics

With Star Wars day less than two weeks away, it seems that Epic Games is gearing up for another crossover with the franchise. However, there appears to be much going on. Aside from old Star Wars skins like Rey, the only other addition will be the Storm Trooper NPC.

Since Darth Vader has already been confirmed for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, it's unlikely that he'll be added to the game on May 5, 2022. At least, if nothing else, fans won't be left high and dry this time around.

3) Ranger Shotgun and LMG

A brand new shotgun type called the Ranger Shotgun is likely to be added to the game once the downtime ends. Unlike other shotguns, this one will feature a tighter spread and will have to reload after every shot.

In addition to the new shotgun, the dreaded LMG will be unvaulted as well after the 20.20 update. According to leaker HYPEX, it may be added to the loot pool this coming Thursday or next Tuesday.

4) Vaults are back, maybe?

Vaults made a comeback in Fortnite Chapter 3, but for some unknown reason, they were vaulted in Chapter 3 Season 2. This made the community rather sad since they were an excellent source of early-game loot.

According to leaker iFireMonkey, the Squad Vault Locks have been updated. This may indicate that the Seven's vaults located on the island may become operational once the update is over. However, readers should take this information with a grain of salt.

5) More anime bundles

Following the success of the Naruto collaboration, anime skins have gained a foothold in Fortnite. Due to this, Epic Games is slowly cashing in on the same by introducing more anime-themed skins to the item shop.

According to leaker ShiinaBR, the developers may have added two new anime bundles to the game called "Anime Legends" and "Blunder Bundle." As of now, this is all the information that's available at the moment.

6) New funding station

According to leakers, following the update, a new funding station may go live. However, at the moment, it's not clear if it will be Ballons vs Shield Buddle stations or Rift-To-Go vs Boogie Bomb.

Irrespective of whichever goes live, Loopers will have to make a tough decision between mobility items and utility. However, this will depend on which mode is being played. For the Zero-build mode, mobility will be more important, while utility will be the primary focus for the normal mode.

7) Condo Canyon IO Blimp goes for a swim

With the Resistance pushing the Imagined Order back to their stronghold, another IO Airship has been taken out of commission. This one crashed east of Condo Canyon and is now sleeping with the cuddle fish.

Over the course of the next two weeks, more IO Airships will be crashing. Currently, Coney Crossroads is the new hot zone. Once taken over by The Seven's forces, the IO Airship will likely crash into Loot Lake.

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