Fortnite removing Travis Scott cosmetics from players' locker following Astroworld 2021 tragedy

Fortnite agrees to remove Travis Scott cosmetics from locker (Image via suoyq/Reddit)
Fortnite agrees to remove Travis Scott cosmetics from locker (Image via suoyq/Reddit)

Following the tragedy that occurred during Astroworld 2021, Fortnite quietly removed the "Out West" emote from the item shop. However, rather than removing just the emote, they removed the entire "Daily" section. Even though no explanation was given, players caught on soon enough.

With the community divided in opinion regarding Travis Scott's cosmetics, how the developers handle it is left to be seen. However, according to one Reddit post, Epic Games has taken a unique stance on the matter.

Players can now remove Travis Scott cosmetics from their locker in Fortnite

According to a post on the Fortnite subreddit, players can now remove Travis Scott cosmetics from their locker. This was bound to happen, given the scale of the tragedy.

The backlash from the community has been swift and hard-hitting in Fortnite Season 8. With the season winding up, the last thing the developers need is agitated players. Either way, they already have their hands full fixing the Discovery Tab.

@HYPEX @FNCreate @FortniteGame You just can't tell me that Epic is not aware of this. It's literally impossible not to know about this.Makes me believe that they would just let this go on until they are called out by a big part of the community. Does it even have to get to that point?

Coming back to the matter at hand, another Reddit user confirmed that Epic Games would indeed remove Travis Scott-related cosmetics if the player so wished. NotChipsCheeseBean said:

"I asked on Sunday if they would remove the full set. At first they said a generic no. But then got back to me asking which items I wanted removed and after telling them, their reply was that 'the matter is being reviewed internally'.They've been back in touch today asking me to confirm which items I'd like to have removed so I think they've decided to let people go ahead and do it."

However, the cosmetics are yet to be removed and there has been no follow-up from the support team. Nonetheless, the developers are acknowledging that players want these cosmetics taken away.

Epic Games isn't forcefully removing everything

Removing Travis Scott cosmetics would be for the best. However, those were all paid for. Suffice to say, Epic Games will have to refund millions of players if they decide to tread down that path.

Furthermore, not everyone feels that the items should be removed from their locker. Despite the tragic event, cosmetics had no part to play. In addition to being a sensible option, players have the right to choose. Forcefully removing Fortnite cosmetics that have been paid for won't bode well for some within the community.

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