Fortnite's Coral Castle could have ancient Egyptian secrets hidden beneath

The upcoming Pyramid landmark could be hiding in plain sight (Image via Quenthein/Fortnite Creative)
The upcoming Pyramid landmark could be hiding in plain sight (Image via Quenthein/Fortnite Creative)

Fortnite's Coral Castle has finally been abducted and taken aboard the Mothership. Although loopers don't care much for the POI, owing to the several issues surrounding it, the abduction of the location may be the beginning of something larger to come.

While this is merely speculation at the moment, a few loopers are of the idea that something is hiding beneath Coral Castle, and it'll be revealed once the map changes occur in Fortnite Season 8.

Ancient secrets could be hidden under the ruins of Fortnite's Coral Castle

A few days ago, prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed to the community that a Mummy-themed skin might be coming to Fortnite Season 8, which would match the theme of an upcoming POI.

The POI in question at the moment is codenamed "Pyramid." While the name could merely be a placeholder for the time being, given that the Mummy skin matches the theme of an upcoming POI, loopers may get to see a rendition of the ancient Egyptian Pyramids in-game soon.

While the possibility of gliding down the Pyramid and exploring an ancient crypt is by itself an exciting idea, what's more thrilling is that loopers may have already discovered the exact location for the Pyramid landmark for the upcoming season.

According to the Fortnite content creator known as TheRagingReaper, the Pyramid will be added to the map exactly where Coral Castle was located in Fortnite Season 7.

While this makes no sense since there's a lot of water still in the area, given that the IO will take over soon, they may completely remove the water leaving behind just the sand.

While it's unclear how the Pyramid will come to be on the island, this is the most logical area in which this gigantic structure could be placed in-game. Having said that, the Pyramid will more than likely not be as large as Coral Castle was.

According to the content creator, in addition to Coral Castle, Slurpy Swamp may turn into "Sideways" after Kevin the Cube takes over the location. This may become the epicenter for the new season and the upcoming Fortnitemares event that's due to take place sometime during Halloween week.

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