Fortnite's Coral Castle is finally dead, long live Coral Castle

Goodbye Coral Castle, thank you for the memories (Image via Hub_Rakun/Twitter)
Goodbye Coral Castle, thank you for the memories (Image via Hub_Rakun/Twitter)

Fortnite's Coral Castle is about to be abducted and beamed into the Mothership, and despite it being in-game for so long, loopers don't really seem bothered by it. In fact, some are rather happy, while others are mostly indifferent.

To put it into perspective, Bushranger dying in-game was more traumatic and heartbreaking for loopers than an entire POI being broken into chunks and disappearing from the game forever.

Due to the general indifference among players, the question that needs to be asked is: "Why do loopers hate Coral Castle so much?." Well, there are a few legitimate reasons.

Why do Fortnite loopers hate Coral Castle so much?

Coral Castle is located on the North Western edge of the map. The POI has been there since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, and has borne witness to more than a few in-game events.

But, to understand why players hate the location, one has to put themselves in their shoes and look at the situation not from a scenic perspective, but from one of a looper trying to secure a Victory Royale. With that being said, here are a few reasons why loopers hate Coral Castle.

1) Rotation nightmare

Players have had more jump scares at Coral Castle than they have at Fortnitemares due to being ambushed while rotating. This area is terrible for players wanting to rotate towards the center, as the only way out for the most part is by foot.

This is bad because players are left at the mercy of enemies on the high ground that flank the lower regions, and can easily pick off players swimming and running for cover. However, some loopers do say otherwise.

2) Lack of resources and loot

While the location does have decent loot and resources, getting to them is rather unrealistic during a match. For the most part, players are forced to dive into the water to dodge bullets, rather than building to defend themselves.

Furthermore, due to bad angles, if loopers get pinned down by gunfire coming from the surrounding highlands, they are more than likely to get eliminated by bullets, or by the storm

3) Lack of value

One of the main reasons why loopers hate this POI is because the location holds no value. Every single NPC that sells something or has something to offer in Fortnite is located on the mainland.

Additionally, it doesn't even host a single interactable item such as vehicles, upgrade benches, bounty boards, or even payphones. The only thing loopers will find of use is the Reboot Van located in the center of the POI, which more than likely won't be used given how fast players get eliminated

Will Fortnite loopers miss Coral Castle?

Well, considering everything, probably not. However, having said that, they will think about the good times that they had during events, and the memories from past seasons from Fortnite Chapter 2.

Although it was a beautiful location, and had so much to offer, it simply felt short for a lot of reasons, and felt unplanned to a large extent as well. Perhaps Coral Castle will feel better as a mini-game within the Mothership, than a fully fledged location.

With all that being said, it's time to bid well to the saltiest location in Fortnite. With the abduction nearly complete, the IO is scheduled to move in and lockdown the area. It's left to be seen where things go from there.

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