Fortnite Season 6: How to skip intro(s) when players first start the game

Some players find intro videos in Fortnite very annoying (Image via Epic Games)
Some players find intro videos in Fortnite very annoying (Image via Epic Games)
Amitesh Dhar

There's an intro video to almost all new content introduced in Fortnite Season 6. Some players find these clips very annoying and prefer skipping them altogether. Cutting past a Fortnite intro video is not very difficult and can be done with the click of a button.

Intro/promo videos are short clips in Fortnite that signify the arrival of new content to the game. Be it the latest skin pack or a new event, almost everything is accompanied by a new intro video in Fortnite.

How to skip the intros in Fortnite Season 6

As mentioned before, skipping an intro video in Fortnite Season 6 is very easy. When the video first starts playing after launch, all players need to do is hit the escape button.

Once they do that, they'll see a small arrow pop up on the lower right corner of their screens. Clicking on it will allow them to skip the remainder of the video and dive straight into the start-up page.

Players need to press the X button on the PlayStation, the A button on the Xbox, and the B button on the Nintendo Switch to skip intros in Fortnite Season 6.

However, these intro videos in Fortnite aren't that elaborate and last not more than a minute in most cases. Sometimes, they're very well made and contain some interesting spoilers as well. Hence, players are advised to watch these videos at least once before wanting to skip them.

That being said, the Fortnite Wild Week intro video was the latest in a long list of intro videos. It spoke about the Wild Week concept in Fortnite.

The current Wild Week is based on fire, meaning that players will find fire spreading quicker through the map this week. Not only that, flammable elements, like the firefly jars and the flare gun, are available more frequently as floor loot.

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