Fortnite Season 7: Cosmic Summer event teaser leaks on PlayStation store

Fortnite Season 7. Image via Fortnite Boards
Fortnite Season 7. Image via Fortnite Boards

Fortnite data miners routinely break big news about the game. Almost everything that has been announced or added to the game is usually found by data miners. They can find out what skins are coming, what Limited Time Modes are being added and even what the theme might be. This time, leaks have teased the Cosmic Summer event in Fortnite.

Believer Beach. Image via Fortnite Wiki
Believer Beach. Image via Fortnite Wiki

It's possible that Fortnite's Cosmic Summer event will tie in with the live event at Believer Beach that is coming. The concert may kick off the Cosmic Summer in Fortnite. The event leaked on the PlayStation store and players are pretty excited for what's to come.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer

The theory that the Believer Beach live concert and the possible destruction of Coral Castle are linked has gained even more credibility. With the leak that Coral Castle's days are numbered, it seems that this event will kickstart that change to the map. As TheFoundoFN_7 points out, Coral Castle doesn't look the same. This is likely connected to the leak about Coral Castle being destroyed.

the Fortnite account tweeted to its followers: "Players are invited to the Cosmic Summer Celebration on June 22nd." It appears the event will last two weeks and have new challenges and quests to complete.

This is all very likely as it fits with the season (summer) that most Fortnite players are in. Many are out of school and enjoying summer break, so a summer themed event makes perfect sense. Using it to further progress the storyline and bring about changes to the map and the game is very much on brand for Fortnite too. Nothing they do is meaningless and everything usually connects to something else.

Believer Beach event. Players are invited. Image via
Believer Beach event. Players are invited. Image via

Details about the live event have become clearer and about the destruction of Coral Castle and the Cosmic Summer celebration in Fortnite. The fact remains that these may be linked too. While some details are still fuzzy, a few days remain for data miners to find the remaining information ahead of the two-week celebration starting on Tuesday.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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