Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: "Welcome Party" live event

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite's alien invasion has landed and is causing commotion throughout the game and its fanbase with unique features, gameplay, and additions. As with almost all sci-fi alien movies and games, a welcome party for Fortnite's extraterrestrial visitors is sure to come.

Posters throughout the game's world show an image of a giant green alien head that teases at the idea of an event for their arrival. The posters state that the welcome party is coming soon, so Fortnite players should expect something related to this event in the next little while.

Fortnite's welcome party points to Season 7's story

In previous seasons, major themes involving new universes of characters have brought live in-game events and/or concerts with them to celebrate their entrance. As the trailer suggests, Fortnite's world has never before seen such a strange arrival of characters and this may change the game forever.

The trailer also shows a massive gathering of people welcoming the aliens as their mothership hovers over the island. Could this be a friendly visit or will the crowded party meet the same fate as the welcoming group from the movie Independence Day?

Believer Beach, one of Fortnite's map changes in Season 7, appears to be the location where the welcome party will take place. Characters like Rick Sanchez are looking to lead the team of investigators and may form a resistance to fight against them.

Social media posts have been predicting that a concert of sorts from famous rapper Machine Gun Kelly may kickstart the alien event. The live event to follow with Season 7 may involve the Fortnite team fighting against the invaders as NPCs throughout the map.

The aliens' emergence from space has finally engulfed Fortnite, letting players delve through Season 7's content. The welcome party advertised in the game's imagery may point to the next big story and could play out for the entire season.

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