Every map change in Fortnite Season 7: Corny Complex, Believer Beach, new POIs, and purple landmarks

It's time to fight in the shade, loopers! (Image via VastBlastt/Twitter)
It's time to fight in the shade, loopers! (Image via VastBlastt/Twitter)

The map changes in Fortnite Season 7 are vast. In addition to new POIs and locations being modified and renamed, there's a giant alien mothership hovering over the island as well.

While it's clear that the aliens are here to take over the island, on the bright side of things, loopers can now fight in the shade.

With Fortnite Season 7 just getting underway, there are bound to be more changes as the season progresses. For now, it's time to talk about the new changes that have come to light.

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Every map change in Fortnite Season 7

Where did the Spire go?

Like any classic alien invasion, it begins by blowing up the tallest building in the area. In this case, it was the Spire.

Now, while the Spire may be destroyed, the better question to be asked is, "What happened to the Zero Point?"

While The Foundation was seen flying off the sphere, which indicates that he's free at last (no thanks to Jonesy), what has become of the Zero Point remains a mystery.

Surely, it couldn't have been destroyed, or reality itself would have been shattered, and the island would have ceased to exist. As of now, all that's evident is that the explosion caused some purple mutation to take hold of the surrounding area.

Watch SypherPK react and break down the Fortnite Season 7 trailer:

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Corny Complex

Colossal Crops has now been replaced with Corny Complex. The POI now resembles Superman's earth residence.

While this could be a mere coincidence, the location now has a fresh new look and feel.

Believer Beach

Every time an alien invasion is due, these alien believers seem to pop out of the blue. Sadly though, they were in for rude surprises after the Mothership blew up the Spire.

Nonetheless, it's a breath of fresh air to see Sweety Sands get a slight facelift.

IO Base?

In the trailer, an alien can be seen blasting into an IO base and obliterating the guards with a laser gun. Perhaps this new POI will be a dedicated base for the IO and Doctor Slone, from which they'll lead the resistance.

The base looks very high-end and high-tech. It'll be quite the sight to see the IO back on the map in Fortnite Season 7.

Strange purple landmarks

Following the Mothership blasting the Spire into smithereens, strange purple mutations began appearing all across the map. It's unclear what these are and how they came to be, but it would seem as if the aliens or perhaps the Zero Point itself had something to do with this.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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