Fortnite Season 8: New Crossbow weapon "Dual Fiend Hunters" set to arrive soon 

Dual Fiend Hunters soon to be added to Fortnite this coming week (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Dual Fiend Hunters soon to be added to Fortnite this coming week (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)

Much like Dual Pistols from seasons gone by, the upcoming crossbow weapon, Dual Fiend Hunters, has created quite a buzz within the Fortnite community. Given that bows were such a huge deal in-game, players are eagerly waiting for these crossbows to be added in again.

Although the Dual Fiend Hunters were showcased in the Fortnite Season 8 trailer being used by the fabulous Fabio Sparklekmane, the weapon is yet to be introduced to the game's loot pool.

Fans have begun asking when the weapon will be introduced to the game, and as it turns out, Fortnite leaker HYPEX may have the answer. While it's not a guarantee, it's better than guess work.

The Dual Fiend Hunters will most likely release next Tuesday as a content update, as of now they're set to spawn in floor loot, supply drops & sideways chests (could change)Body & Headshot Damage is multiplied by x2 when shooting at the sideways monsters/fiends!

Dual Fiend Hunters' arrival in Fortnite and more on the crossbow weapon's functionality

Based on the information at hand, the weapon will likely be added to the game this coming Tuesday, October 5. While a major update is out of the question, much like last season, HYPEX believes that the new weapon will be added in-game as content updates.

Dual Fiend Hunters is set to spawn in floor loot, supply drops and Sideways chests as well. As always, this information is subject to change as time progresses. Given that the Sideways chests are already spawning two weapons at the moment, adding more may make it a bit cluttered.

Upcoming #Fortnite Dual Fiend Hunters Weapon!

Nonetheless, while spawn locations can change, the weapon's in-game functionality has more or less been fixed. Based on the current information, Dual Fiend Hunters' damage output will be multiplied by two when shooting at Sideways monsters/fiends. This applies to body shots and headshots.

In total, there are five variants of the weapon, and they are set to have a 16-round magazine with a fire rate of four. With each higher tier, the weapons will do increased damage and have a lower reload speed. Additionally, a new type of ammo may also be added to the game, as none of the existing ones are fit for a crossbow.

It would appear that the cubes have created some kind of creature to defend them. Take them down to get cube monster parts to craft special weapons. 🟪#FortniteCubed #CreativeRoyale

While the basic statistics of the weapon are known, it's unclear if this weapon will be upgradable using Cube Monster Parts, much like the Sideways Rifle and Minigun.

As of the moment, that's all the information that's available. Perhaps over the coming weekend, leakers and data miners will be able to uncover more details about this new Fortnite crossbow weapon.

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