Fortnite star Ninja rage quits after dying in the most absurd manner 

Fortnite Pro Ninja recently garnered praise from the community (Image via YouTube/Ninja)
Fortnite Pro Ninja recently garnered praise from the community (Image via YouTube/Ninja)

Playing Fortnite is nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Whether clutching a Victory Royale or getting ousted by a sweat, loopers can navigate through an array of emotions in a match.

Similarly, while they often celebrate a victory with an emote, users also rage-quit when things don't work out.

Recently, Ninja experienced something along these lines. The pro fell to his death while chasing an opponent. He was so dumbfounded by this that he rage-quit.

Although exasperated, the Fortnite legend decided to sink into his chair rather comically and didn't succumb to his basic instincts like others often do.

Rage-quitting is nothing new in gaming. Since the dawn of multiplayer video games, gamers have been rage-quitting. It is nothing unusual.

It is human nature to get agitated and act out. While most players do rage-quit, some fall prey to displeasure and resort to doing something wrong.

Fortnite star Ninja rage-quits, 'sinks' like a ship

Ninja is one of the most popular Fortnite personalities. Known for his fantastic gaming skills and interesting live streams, he enjoys a massive fan following in the community.

In a recent livestream, the online star experienced something that every user does, and his reaction won the internet.


A video posted by the YouTube channel DailyFN depicts Ninja rage-quitting most absurdly. It begins with the 31-year-old engaging in long-range combat at the Coney Crossroads.

Although the pro manages to inflict damage to the opponent, he escapes. Ninja decides to chase the opponent and swing himself across the POI using the grappler glove.

He lands atop a building from where he has a clear shot at the elusive opponent. He shoots at the enemy, who dodges bullets and escapes to Loot Lava Volcano Station.

Unwilling to give up, Ninja decides to follow the enemy and swings himself once again. Mid-air, he positions himself to land atop a nearby tree, but upon landing at the canopy, he decides to slide instead.


Fortnite's sliding mechanics negate fall damage, but it didn't work for Ninja. Thus, he falls to his death.

He quickly navigated to the exit menu and quit the match. Upon leaving, the internet personality started mimicking a sinking ship and descended into his gaming chair.

Though the video ends soon, Ninja can't be seen in the frame for the last five seconds, suggesting that he fell to the ground.

The video's comments board (Image via YouTube/DailyFN)
The video's comments board (Image via YouTube/DailyFN)

The Fortnite community had its own take on the incident. Most viewers sympathized with their favorite streamer and reassured him that such things happen.

Some suggested that he was spent, and they wanted to see him as his old self. Although Ninja has acted out over such trivial incidents in the past, this time around, he was praised for his composure.

Gaming can be emotionally exhausting. Content creators freaking out and rage-quitting is an exemplar of this. They must remember that they bear a responsibility toward viewers.

Ninja's latest reaction could serve as a template for streamers to channel their rage into something comical and entertaining.

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