Why the Fortnite community has a 'Cronus Zen' problem

Fortnite is now inflicted with Cronus Zen users. (Image via Sportskeeda / Epic Games /
Fortnite is now inflicted with Cronus Zen users. (Image via Sportskeeda / Epic Games /

Ever since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has had its fair share of cheaters and hackers. Esports has been plagued with hackers with aim-bots since its conception, and sadly Fortnite is not an exception.

Similar to wall hacks and other such gray supplementing software that has plagued other FPS games, Fortnite is now struggling with Cronus Zen, a device that allows players to mod their gaming equipment. While Fortnite has a capable anti-cheat system in place, there are certain methods that can bypass these measures.

CRONUS ZEN: The Dark Side Of Gaming#Fortnite #FortniteArt

Cronus Zen has been around for some time. Cronus Zen is a universal controller emulator that allows players to use any controller on any console. It also allows scripting to implement mods that can bypass most anti-cheat software.

Improve your Fortnite gameplay with a Cronus Zen

The device was initially conceptualized to allow players the freedom to use their favorite controller with most gaming consoles. While this proved to be a boon for the players, the developers soon introduced an updated version that allowed players to script mods.

With the introduction of new models, controversies ran rampant. The developers famously posted videos of their products, exhibiting the device's wide range of modding capabilities. When the developers first posted a video of the double shot mod for the game Halo, the community could already speculate on what was to come.


The initial modding videos were just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, videos started surfacing that depicted mods like anti-recoil, rapid-fire, jitter control, and many other mods. Despite all of this, Cronus came to an agreement with Sony, the technology was implemented to counter any lag or interference during Sony's LAN events.

As soon as Cronus Zen was released in 2018, the developers of the device introduced a dedicated gamepack demo for Fortnite. Over time, the device gathered around 1 million users in the Fortnite community.

Problem with Cronus Zen

While the device doesn't use any malicious hacks, it does give the player an unfair advantage that violates the ethics of competitive gaming. Presently, the use of such devices has been a topic of heated debate. Although the device is still marketed as a universal controller emulator, the scripting option renders it prone to exploitation.


Because players can use this device for auto-aiming, recoil control, rapid fire, and much more, Fortnite developers must come up with a solution to counter this device.

However, some players have claimed that the device helps them with their physical condition. Hence, a complete ban might not be possible. However, it is not a debate that the device helps players aim better.

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