Fortnite star SypherPK explains the surge in content creators quitting the game

Content creation for Fortnite isn't as popular anymore (Image via SypherPK/YouTube)
Content creation for Fortnite isn't as popular anymore (Image via SypherPK/YouTube)

Fortnite has become one of the top games in the industry over the last five years since the Battle Royale mode was released. This surge in the game's popularity can largely be attributed to content creators and influencers. Videos about the game and livestreams helped bring Fortnite to a mainstream audience.

This isn't true anymore, as the content creation scene has dipped in recent memory. Not as many prominent gaming content creators are playing Fortnite these days, and some notable ones have even quit.

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Most notably, Ninja (perhaps the most famous Fortnite content creator) previously quit the game. He's back now, but it's emblematic of the phenomenon happening for Fortnite now.

SypherPK, one of the best content creators and one who's stuck by the game since the early days, has some thoughts on why content creators are quitting at a somewhat alarming rate.

SypherPK's thoughts on why Fortnite content creators are quitting

When thinking of the game's most popular content creators, it's impossible not to think of SypherPK. He's been doing it forever and has developed quite the following. It also helps that he hasn't taken extended breaks from the game or quit altogether.

He shared some insight into why this might be happening.


According to him, it's not an issue that will go away anytime soon:

"The reality is that Fresh isn't going to be the last YouTuber to take a break or completely quit and say goodbye to YouTube or Fortnite."

SypherPK believes the reason this happens is something that content creators don't want to talk about:

"In the YouTube and streaming space, you're pretty much competing against your fellow YouTubers and streamers. The reality is, yes, a lot of us are friends, and you know, we play together, but it still is somewhat of a competition."

That kind of daily life can drain a person, no matter how much they enjoy the game. He noted that there's very little room to sit back, relax, or take a vacation because all the other YouTubers aren't doing that. Taking a break can even have devastating effects on the creator's subscriber count and viewership.

He added that a poor return on the videos often makes people think about quitting:

"There's going to be times when your viewership is on the low... That can be extremely demotivating, and if you're not built to withstand having a five, six video run where they're all just performing poorly- or even longer- it can easily throw you off track and make you think about quitting."

Viewership fluctuates all the time, and this can also be frustrating for content creators. At some point, many decide that the highs aren't worth the lows and start looking at less stressful avenues.

Fortnite content creators often come and go (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite content creators often come and go (Image via Sportskeeda)

Another reason many walk away is because life is out there waiting. When so much time is dedicated to a game, it can hinder the content creator's ability to experience that life.

Walking away is a personal choice that varies from creator to creator, but these are some of the reasons why many consider it.

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