Fortnite teases the return of the Visitor, Imagined, and more

The Imagined could be returning (Image via NOOB NOOB FRUIT on YouTube)
The Imagined could be returning (Image via YouTube/NOOB NOOB FRUIT)

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 nearing an end, Epic Games and the players are both gearing up for Season 4. Leaks abound as to what the theme might be, what skins will be involved, and what the storyline might be.

The storyline is important because the game has to begin moving towards whatever next season will hold before it arrives.

The time is now. The Scientist was recently discovered to have gone missing, presumably setting up the antagonist for next season. There has been no antagonist this season, but someone has kidnapped him.


Now, new dialogue lines are hinting at the return of the Visitor, the Imagined, and more. Based on this information, the next season could be a wild one.

Fortnite's audio suggests the Visitor and Imagined are coming back

The first set of audio clues comes from the Vibin' questline. It was initially used as a way for the Scientist to uncover the secrets of the Reality Tree, but has gotten both deeper and more sinister as time has gone on.

In this set of quests, Paradigm tells players that the Visitor should be in his usual place. If that's not the case, then something is wrong. Unfortunately, he's not where he should be.


Gamers are sent around to investigate clues, one of which is clearly the Visitor's helmet. He's obviously not on the map, but Paradigm expected him to be. This likely means that he will eventually be on the map, probably as a Chapter 3 Season 4 NPC.

The Imagined first debuted in Chapter 3 Season 2 as one of the final members of the Seven to be revealed. She hasn't been as big a part of this season, though. In another set of Vibin' quests, players are tasked by Paradigm to retrace the Imagined's steps.

Players check her normal spots and things she likes to do, but she is nowhere to be found. This tells Paradigm that things are not good, and she puts everyone on high alert.


She, much like the Visitor, is not on the map, but Fortnite is clearly hinting at an arrival for her. Both of these characters will more than likely make their return to the island next season.

As for how that might happen, it's anyone's guess. With almost two weeks left in the season, the leaks regarding next season have been few and far between.

The ones that have come out are not about the storyline, though. It would make sense to bring more members of the Seven back to the island. Regardless of whether or not next season will be time travel-themed, the island is probably in danger.

The Visitor might return soon (Image via Epic Games)
The Visitor might return soon (Image via Epic Games)

After a full season without a real antagonist, Fortnite players will probably be facing another real threat next season. That could very well be Geno, who was finally revealed in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2's final live event.

He's coming for the Zero Point, and the Seven might be the only thing in his way.

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