Fortnite update brings much-needed feature

Fortnite update
Latest Fortnite update has brought an important feature (Image via Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite update was released on Wednesday, September 7, and offered a much-needed feature that many players have been asking for. This new addition won't let people making accidental purchases be penalized. Moreover, it also reduces the scope of gamers buying items inadvertently.

This is the final update in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, and Epic Games will now focus on season 4. Considering that it's scheduled to be released in less than two weeks, one can expect many new leaks to come out soon.

The Cnacel Purchase string has been changed to be more descriptive:Cancel Purchase is available until you equip or use your purchase during gameplay. Only items purchased within the last 24 hours are eligible for Cancel Purchase.

The v21.51 Fortnite update hasn't brought much in the way of new content, but the aforementioned feature was a needed one. Luckily, Epic Games will probably improve it further in future updates.

New Fortnite update prevents accidental Item Shop purchases

Before the latest Fortnite update, many players complained about making Item Shop purchases without actually wanting to. Considering that some cosmetics cost more than $20, this doesn't come as a surprise. Gamers were able to buy items with the quick press of a single button, and this was a problem. Fortunately, now, they have to hold it down to make the purchase.

The newest feature allows players to get refunds within 24 hours of purchasing a cosmetic item. This means that when gamers accidentally buy something, they will be able to use the Cancel Purchase button for refunds on their V-Bucks.

Image of how it looks in game:

That said, Epic Games has clarified that the new feature can only be used once per cosmetic item. For example, if players buy a Summer Drift outfit, they will be able to get a refund for it. However, they won't be able to do so on their second purchase of the same item. One more thing to keep in mind is that players may not equip or use the newly acquired items, or this will make them ineligible for a refund.

Limitations of new feature

The latest Fortnite update is great and will help those who are genuinely prone to making accidental purchases. Moreover, the new feature will not benefit anyone who might want to abuse it and use cosmetic items for free before refunding them.

The latest Fortnite update has brought Item Shop changes (Image via Epic Games)
The latest Fortnite update has brought Item Shop changes (Image via Epic Games)

Besides the 24-hour period and first-time purchases, there are also a few other limitations that the new Fortnite Battle Royale addition has. For instance, it can be used to get refunds on purchases made with V-Bucks in the Item Shop, but it doesn't apply to:

  • The Level Up Quest Pack
  • Real-money Offers in the Item Shop (bundles, starter packs, etc.)
  • Cosmetic Bundles
  • Gifted Purchases
  • Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Tiers
  • Fortnite Crew

Additionally, Fortnite: Save the World players cannot receive a refund for purchasing Loot Llamas and weekly items.

All things considered, despite these limitations, the new Fortnite feature is still amazing and will benefit individuals buying something they didn't intend to.

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