Fortnite Toon Meowscles trailer is a trip down nostalgia lane

The Fortnite Toon Meowscles bundle in Season 6 (Image via HYPEX, Twitter)
The Fortnite Toon Meowscles bundle in Season 6 (Image via HYPEX, Twitter)

Epic Games recently released a trailer for the Toon Meowscles bundle in Fortnite. It featured the classic 1950's black and white theme that reminded fans of the early Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse shows.

Fortnite Season 6 is now in its eighth week, and the publishers recently announced their latest collaboration with rapper Trippie Redd. His song was featured as a lobby track in the Toon Meowscles bundle.

Naturally, numerous fans have taken to social media to thank Epic Games for their efforts.

The Fortnite Toon Meowscles outfit can be seen as more than just a skin, as it bridges the gap between the two generations subtly. The creative heads at Epic made sure that this trailer resonated with anyone who has watched cartoons in black and white.

The upbeat music, coupled with classic animated slapstick, reminded fans of Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse in black and white.

The Toon Meowscles bundle is currently available in the Fortnite item shop, and players can purchase it for 1700 V-Bucks. In light of this recent announcement, this article discusses how fans reacted to the Toon Meowscles bundle in Fortnite Season 6.

Fortnite Toon Meowscles bundle: Fans react to classic b&w trailer which reminds them of early Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry shows


The recently unveiled Toon Meowscles bundle in Fortnite is gaining popularity by the minute as it resonates with most fans in the community. Popular content creators, pro players, and data miners commented on the official Twitter post and mentioned how this is one of the best cosmetic bundles in Season 6.

Despite having popular culture icons like Neymar and Batman, fans are more eager to purchase Meowscle's cartoon cosmetics. This reveals how the Fortnite community prefers cosmetic items related to the original lore instead of collaboration outfits.

Popular Fortnite content creator Typical Gamer responded to the official post by mentioning how the Toon Meowscles trailer bears an uncanny resemblance to the classic black and white Micky Mouse cartoon.

At the same time, the Toon Mewoscles bundle in Fortnite attracted gamers from other battle royale titles.

Twitter user @ApexLegendsMob8 mentioned on the official post that this bundle resonates with players who were born in the 90s.

"Guys, do you all remember the first time we saw cartoons? The trailer is the spitting image of Tom & Jerry in black and white."

Several others mentioned how much they appreciate the effort from Epic. The publisher added a lobby track from rapper Trippie Redd to the Toon Meowscles bundle, making it much more alluring.

Artist Lance Inkwell shared a post on Twitter mentioning how he illustrated the loading screen for the Toon Meowscles bundle in Fortnite Season 6.

The pack comprises of the following cosmetic items that players can purchase for 1700 V-bucks in Fortnite Season 6:

  • Squash & Stretch emote
  • Ten-Ton Toon-Bells pickaxe
  • Toon Meowscles outfit
  • Drop In lobby track by Trippie Redd
  • Fantastic Cat loading screen
  • Toona Can back bling

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