Fortnite Trios Cash Cup winners accused of cheating by other competitive players

Fortnite Trios Cash Cup celebration cut short (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Fortnite Trios Cash Cup celebration cut short (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)

Coaching players in Fortnite is big business. Much like coaching a sportsperson in real life, in the digital world these coaches oversee players in Cash Cups. With their keen eyes and constant guidance, taking home the "W" is all in a day's work.

One such Fortnite coach goes by the name of captorFN. Under his watch, OkisFN, GoodGuyNani, and duskyfn, recently won first place in the Trios Cash Cup. While the atmosphere should be that of celebration, accusations of cheating are being flung around.

1st AGAIN (live coached this one just to make sure they did it again) so thats 2nd 3rd 1st 1st cash cups + 5th grands since working with me 🤑@OkisFN @GoodGuyNani @duskyfn are crazy

BBG Calc and other Fortnite Competitive players accuse winning team of cheating

Jonathan Weber, aka BBG Calc, took to social media to accuse the winning team of cheating. According to him, GoodGuyNani was cheating during the Trios Cash Cup. He went as far as to ask them to release recorded evidence to prove otherwise.

@TNG_Crypto @GoodGuyNani @duskyfn mate hes full cheating stop it mate
@GoodGuyNani @duskyfn release the full recordings of the CC then... prove the haters wrong

Another Fortnite Competitive player, QueasyFN, claimed that duskyn, a member of the winning Trio, also cheated during the match. Based on a recording from the match, QueasyFN alleged that duskyn could track and shoot opponents through metal builds.

This is what they had to say:

"You don't turn into the best player overnight. You were legit the worst player I've seen. In NAE solo Scrims you got bullied by me and had to team, then you slept over an event and now you can track people through metal builds on low meshes and hit 203s only?"

Readers can watch the video in question here:

bad looks on whoever this is

In addition to accusing the players of cheating, BBG Calc also took an indirect jab at the Fortnite coach. Which brings up an important question: "Is having a live coach considered cheating?"

Kinda crazy how people get live coaches to go into replays and tell them what trios in the lobby are bad to key them and where llamas are… just wanted to remind you guys this game will never be a true esport cause epic thinks everything can be online XD

Is having a live coach during a Fortnite Cash Cup legal?

On one hand, players do need skills to win the match. On the other, having someone to guide and constantly help adapt to the scenario is a huge advantage.

Nevertheless, according to official rules, coaching falls well within the legal bounds of a Cash Cup.

To quote Epic Games' rule 8.2.1:

"Utilizing outside assistance regarding the location of other players, other players’ health or equipment, or any other information not otherwise known to the player by the information on his or her own screen. For clarity, a player’s receipt of coaching or use of the in-game replay tool does not fall within this prohibition."
How I Coached @PeterbotFN To 1st Place In Solo Cash Cup ($600) 🏅…

Even though live coaching can be considered as external help, it can't be classified as cheating. The entire game still depends on players and their ability to put into effect the advice given.

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