Fortnite wager matches are now a thing of the past as Epic Games cracks down on 'underage gambling'

Fortnite pro Cody "Clix" Conrod got in trouble for wager matches during his live streams (Image via BushyyTale, Pinterest)
Fortnite pro Cody "Clix" Conrod got in trouble for wager matches during his live streams (Image via BushyyTale, Pinterest)

Fortnite wagers have been around for a while now. However, Epic Games has started a crackdown on the wagering scene because it was against their Terms of Service.

In a recent tweet, Fortnite pro Cody "Clix" Conrod mentioned that he had been contacted by the company and was asked to stop wagering unless he wanted to face a ban.

Epic's decision to officially stop Fortnite wagers comes a few months after they decided to ban subscriber-based custom scrims, wherein many streamers organized custom scrims in exchange for subscribers.

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Will the crackdown on Fortnite wagers affect the game in general?

It's common knowledge that Clix's broadcasts on Twitch often include Fortnite wagers. He, along with a couple of other pros, indulge in box fight matches and often compete for a pool of money.

However, he recently indulged in a wager match with an 11-year-old, which brought up the issue of underage gambling because Fortnite wagers are a form of gambling.

Since many players participating in these Fortnite wagers are below 18, it is understandable why Epic chose to crack down on such matches.

How does the Fortnite wagering scene compare to other Battle Royales like Apex Legends?

Fortnite and Apex Legends are both BRs, but their gameplay mechanics are starkly different. Despite having a target audience that differs in age groups, both games are similar in a few ways.

However, Apex Legends has provisions for community-driven tournaments rather than wagers as a whole when it comes down to the wagering scene. EA has also laid down ground rules for such community-driven contests, minimizing the chances of wagers altogether.

The absence of such ground rules in the case of Fortnite will likely lead to further complications as the community keeps complaining about Epic stopping Fortnite wagers altogether.

The incident has also led to RIP Fortnite to trend on Twitter yet again.

Apart from RIP Fortnite, "Is Fortnite dying?" happens to be the most burning question in the community now. Fortnite pro Arab depicted the scenario in Fortnite right now in a tweet.

And in some ways, he resonated the same feeling as Clix when talking about the Arena mode and stream snipers.

The stream sniper problem isn't new in Fortnite, and Epic Games hasn't done much to address the issue. From a legal standpoint, it's understandable why the publisher is cracking down on wagers.

Given the popularity of the game, the amount of Fortnite wagers occurring daily was bound to appear on the organization's radar.

It's difficult to say if cracking down on Fortnite wagers would be beneficial for the developers in the longer run, but for now, it was the only thing they could do to prevent underage gambling.

However, with Epic now stopping these Fortnite wagers for good, there's a chance that "RIP Fortnite" may actually be a reality.

Everything said and done, the lack of any ground rules in such cases might just lead to the rise of illegal Fortnite wagers. These may prove to be a thorn in Epic's side in the long run if they don't come up with any ground rules for Fortnite wagers anytime soon.

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