Fortnite Week 6 Spire Challenges: How to defeat Glyph master Raz and collect the Spire artifact

How to defeat Glyph Master Raz in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Perfect Score - YouTube and Epic Games)
How to defeat Glyph Master Raz in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Perfect Score - YouTube and Epic Games)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

The Week 6 Spire challenges are now live in Fortnite and one specific challenge requires players to defeat the Glyph Master Raz and collect the Spire Artifact.

Glyph Master Raz can be found in the Spire for players to duel and defeat. Having said that, it is extremely important for players to note that defeating the Glyph Master Raz for the Fortnite Week Six Spire Challenges is fairly difficult, and players are advised to carry a considerable amount of ammo and healing items before trying to complete this challenge.

Considering that this POI presents a lot of floor loot and chests for players to collect, landing directly at the Spire is the best possible way of defeating Glyph Master Raz before anyone else in the game. However, players are advised to scout the entire Spire region for loot before heading over to duel Glyph Master Raz.


How to defeat Glyph Master Raz and collect the Spire Articifact for the Fortnite Week 6 challenges

Completing challenges has always been one of the best methods of collecting XP for Battle Pass progression in Fortnite. However, with Fortnite Season 6 presenting brand new Spire Challenges, players can now earn even more chunks of XP to level up their Battle Pass swiftly.

Defeating this specific NPC in Fortnite Season 6 is an extremely difficult task as Glyph Master Raz not only boasts extremely high shield and health points, but is also capable of dealing massive bursts of damage to anyone caught in his vicinity.

The best method to defeat Glyph Master Raz and claim the Spire Artifact is by attacking the NPC from unsuspecting angles and then hiding when he tries to attack back. Apart from that, players should also note that they might have to disengage from the duel in order to avoid being eliminated by the NPC.

Fortunately, players can simply regenerate their health and shield points before re-engaging with Glyph Master Raz, who will have the same health and shield points that they had when the player disengaged. Once players manage to defeat the NPC, they will be able to claim the Spire Artifact from the loot dropped by Glyph Maste Raz.

Although the entire process can be fairly lengthy and difficult, completing the Spire Challenge is definitely worth the trouble in Fortnite Season 6, simply for the XP bonus it offers towards Battle Pass progression.

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