Fortnite: Why Midas' return would break the fandom

Living life golden! (Image via Twitter/AddaM_idas)
Living life golden! (image via Twitter/AddaM_idas)

Midas' popularity in Fortnite has made the character a cult-like figure in-game. Despite not being seen for over two years, players haven't stopped thinking about him. There are numerous accounts on social media platforms like Twitter that are solely dedicated to the character.

They share fanart, in-game screenshots, and at times, concept art of Midas. While this may not be done on an extremely large scale, Epic Games is no doubt aware of these things. Despite rumors of him making a return, there's nothing concrete as of yet.

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Nevertheless, Midas will make a return someday, and when he does, it will break the fandom, in a good way, that is. That said, here are a few reasons why his return will not just be good for the community, but also for Epic Games.

Mida's return will help Fortnite in more ways than one

1) Social media hype and traction

When Donald Mustard posted a video confirming that Midas was alive, the community went berserk. His name began trending on Twitter and it caused fans to go into a frenzy. Since at the time Fortnite Chapter 3 was due to begin, it was speculated that he would be part of it on the Flipside.

Even though nothing came to pass, his name kept trending on the social media platform for a while. Just the mere mention of Midas was enough to hype the new chapter and provide Epic Games with an unparalleled digital presence.

In many ways, Midas is synonymous with Fortnite and the mere mention of his name is enough to get the ball rolling. That said, if and when he's reintroduced to the game, social media trends related to him will persist for days, if not weeks, which in turn helps the developer attain more visibility.

2) Item shop

Hi @FortniteGame, can you summon Shadow Midas in the item shop for the fortnitemares pleaaaaaase? πŸ₯ΊπŸ™#Fortnite #FortniteArt #WeWantShadowMidas #midas #FortniteSeason8

When Midas returns, Epic Games will no doubt cash in on the trend with a new skin in the item shop. Given that there are several versions of the character in-game, adding one more that will feature Chrome will no doubt cause a buzz.

This, in turn, will translate into players spending V-Bucks to purchase the skin in-game, which will further fund the company and keep them afloat. While this sounds very basic in nature, the fact that a single character can cause enough hype to boost sales is rather amazing.

3) Renewed interest in Fortnite

One of the greatest storylines in Fortnite in my opinion is Ghost VS Shadow and all the characters around it, Midas, Brutus, Jules etcFor a story that started right after Season X and the Seven storyline, it became way too loved and impactful! #Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 2, many players got attached to the game due to the storyline and of course, Midas. After his unceremonious disappearance, things became rather dull. While the storyline itself was not bad per se, a lot of players began asking for Midas to come back.

Although he was no saint, he and the community had a common enemy: The Imagined Order. With Geno's grand reveal and The Herald's conquest of Reality Zero, this is the perfect time to bring Midas to the game and reignite interest for players.

If nothing else, having him in-game will make things interesting by adding another dynamic layer to the unfolding story. Since he's aligned with no one, he's sort of like a wild card that can be brought to spice things up; even if that means portraying him as an anti-hero.

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