Is Midas a bad guy? 6 burning questions about Fortnite's most revered villain

Fortnite's greatest anti-hero is everything except dead (Image via Epic Games)

All that glitters is yours. This ideology has made Midas the bad boy of Fortnite. No other character from the game has ever garnered such fame. Although Midas' stint in the storyline was short-lived, he left behind a legacy, something that remains outmatched to date.

Midas is undoubtedly the cynosure of Fortnite. With every new season, players hope that the man with the golden touch will return, but so far, he hasn't. His elusiveness from the battle royale title is a major factor in his popularity. The developers' constant efforts to hint at Midas' presence suggest his importance to the storyline.

There are hardly any players who aren't aware of Midas' might. For the handful who don't, here's a refresher. Midas was introduced as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2's level 100 Battle Pass character. Based on the namesake king of Greek mythology, Midas wields the same powers.

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Fortnite's lone anti-hero is a man of mystery

Is Midas dead?


The most burning question in Fortnite. Since the trailer depicting Midas being eaten by a loot shark surfaced, players have been asking this question. Midas is anything but dead.

As hinted at by Donald Mustard in a video, Midas is alive. As for the character eaten by the loot shark, it is believed to be his snapshot. Subtle hints in the game, like a golden pillow, a golden folder, and NPC's cryptic conversations, hint that Midas might be lurking about.

Is Midas coming back?


Time and time again, the game's creators have teased Midas' return, but the Golden King is yet to return to the island. As mentioned above, many clues across the island suggest that Midas is colluding with NPCs, who can be sleeper agents.

The up-and-coming Peace Syndicate's ideology aligns very much with that of Midas'. It is possible that he might return with a new faction. Midas's return is imminent.



The answer is none. Midas is the former founder of SHADOW and the leader of GHOST. The two Fortnite factions were pitted against each other by the Imagined Order in an attempt to distract Midas from his plans. He still managed to build the Doomsday device.

Had he been loyal to either of the factions and not motivated by his ideologies, he would have intervened in the fight. Instead, he continued to pursue his plans and succeeded. He has been a part of both but belongs to none.

Who is Midas' wife?


Mystery has always shrouded this question. Till today, there is no established answer. There are only facts and theories. Since Jules is Midas' daughter, it is plausible that he might have a wife.

While many theories suggest that Marigold might be his wife, the chances are bleak. She is just Midas' counterpart. There is no sure-shot answer. Since Midas is technically inclined, it is possible that Jules could have been conceived in any other form. Only time will tell.

Is Midas a bad guy?


Midas is an anti-hero. While he lacks the orthodox attributes of a good guy, his actions suggest otherwise. Midas created the Doomsday device to push back the storm and liberate innocent loopers who are being subjugated.

He is a mercenary who has stood against the Imagined Order to protect the island, yet he has profited from it and has built himself the Agency to further his plans. The Midas character is black and white. A non-conformist, Midas wants to break the loop.

Why is Midas so popular?


The answer to this is the percolation of the answers mentioned above. Many factors contribute to Midas' popularity. The biggest ones are his bad-boy antics and the push from Fortnite developers.

The character is shrouded in mystery and isn't around to divulge anything. Midas' non-conforming outlook and ideologies are yet another reason for his popularity. The developers have also contributed a lot by maintaining an air of mystery around the character.

With Chapter 3 Season 4 releasing in two weeks, many fans will hope that Epic Games will give them a hint about Midas returning to the game.

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