"Will Smith" comes running at Ninja during a game of Fortnite, here's what happens next

Mike Lowrey skin (Image via Epic Games)
Mike Lowrey skin (Image via Epic Games)

The Oscars incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith has now infiltrated the world of Fortnite twice. Initially, players began wondering whether or not the incident would affect the rarity or any future appearances for the Mike Lowrey skin. Lowrey is a character played by Smith, and the skin is clearly modeled after him.

The reactions from the community were wide-ranging, with some even saying that they wanted to use that skin exclusively now in support. One player who was temporarily wearing the skin decided to make a bit of a joke out of it.

A player wearing the Will Smith/Mike Lowrey skin came charging at Ninja in a match. Here's what happened next.

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Ninja charged by Will Smith skin in Fortnite match, jokes ensue

In the clip, Ninja is in Command Cavern, which is one of the busiest locations to drop into in Chapter 3 Season 2. There are always opponents everywhere, which was true in this game.

Ninja entered a bathroom, hoping to heal as he had taken 50 damage from his health bar.

Before that could happen, a Mike Lowrey skin came running in with Hulk Smashers, the pickaxe that was released for a Marvel's Avengers crossover. It wasn't terribly popular, but that might be changing.

The player, who was more than likely just trying to be funny, started swinging with the Hulk Smashers, trying to hit Ninja. Ninja quickly sprayed them with his Combat SMG before that could happen, though.

Ninja couldn't resist the joke that was effectively handed to him. He blurted out, while the player was still trying to hit him, the same response that Chris Rock had to the incident:

"Will Smith just smacked the s*** out of me!"

He and his duo's partner, CouRageJD, burst out laughing. The reactions to the incident have been divided, with many feeling like it might not be a good thing to joke about.

Some feel like it's not a joking matter (Image via RyanVSalata/Twitter)
Some feel like it's not a joking matter (Image via RyanVSalata/Twitter)

Either way, the jokes have come fast and furious since the incident and even Fortnite isn't safe. Several other players have had experiences with the Mike Lowrey/Hulk Smashers combo in the wake of it.

It could be one Fortnite player or multiple who are running around trying to make light of the situation. Either way, they're not really trying to win, they're just trying to make people laugh. In this situation, they succeeded.

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