Fortnite is working on a new version of a fan-favorite weapon

The Shockwave Launcher is getting a pumpkiny upgrade for Fortnitemares (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Shockwave Launcher is getting a pumpkiny upgrade for Fortnitemares (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnitemares 2022 will take place in October during Chapter 3 Season 4. According to information obtained by leakers thus far, a lot of interesting things are set to happen. For one, the Shockwave Launcher will be getting a makeover for Fortnitemares 2022; this more rumor is more or less confirmed.

It is also rumored that Freddy Krueger will be added to the game as a skin, and there's a possibility that another Resident Evil collaboration is on the cards.

This is just a rumour, but Freddy Krueger *could* be coming to Fortnite, as hinted by Tabor Hill."Freddy's coming for you!"Again, these are just rumours so far and NOTHING is confirmed!#Fortnite #FortniteChapter3 #FortniteFlipped #FortniteLeaks #FortniteNews #Gaming

Additionally, a new gamemode will be introduced for the occasion as well. Rather than being turned into Shadows upon death, players will be transformed into Zombies.

Sadly, these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt since they come from an unverified source.

Fortnitemares special - Shockwave Pumpkin Launcher

The Shockwave Launcher was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 8. Although it took some time to catch on, the community loved it. The ability to launch and push back opponents and vehicles was nothing short of a miracle.


In fact, players can even launch themselves and teammates to safety or uphill with a bit of practice. The possibilities were practically limitless with a bit of imagination. Sadly, it was vaulted at the start of Chapter 3 and has remained so for the last few months.

However, according to the leakers, the item will be making a comeback quite soon. But here's the catch - it won't be the original Shockwave Launcher. Instead, a brand new type of weapon called the Shockwave Pumpkin Launcher will be introduced to the loot pool.

Epic is currently working on a shockwave pumpkin launcherMaybe for halloweenThey also updated the existing pumpkin launcher.Directory: FortniteGame/Content/Weapons/FORT_GrenadeLaunchers/MaterialsFortniteGame/Content/Weapons/FORT_RocketLaunchers/Effects…

Based on the naming scheme, the new weapon is likely to function the same as the original model. That being said, rather than shooting high-tech rounds, will this one fire high-tech pumpkins? Given that it wil be a Fortnitemares limited weapon, the theory makes a lot of sense.

Nevertheless, it's too soon to confirm these facts. Since a working version of the weapon is yet to be seen, its functionality cannot be confirmed. The word "Shockwave'' may just be a placeholder for something else. Here's what players think about the upcoming weapon:

@HYPEX Seems like there’s been a lot of Halloween leaks recently this Halloween is promising
@PaarthShahYT @iFireMonkey Green Goblin's Mythic pumpkin bomb launcher, let's go!
@HYPEX pls let this upcoming season / fortnitemares be a banger I miss fortnite 🤞
@HYPEX If Marvel Season 2.0 is true, maybe a Green Goblin boss?
@HYPEX YOOO, Green Goblin Boss! The Marvel villains are taking over the island! 🎃
@HYPEX Season 4 is going to be so FUN! I’m so excited! 🤩

It's clear to see that fans are already excited about this new gizmo. However, among the many reactions, a few seem to believe that Pumpkin has something to do with the Green Goblin, but is there any truth to it?

Will the Green Goblin be a special Fortnitemares feature?

As mentioned by HYPEX, the Shockwave Pumpkin Launcher may be a special boss weapon. This isn't too outlandish to imagine as several bosses feature their own variations of popular weapons in the game. However, imagining that the boss NPC will be the Green Goblin is rather absurd.

Epic are working on a Pumpkin version of the Shockwave Launcher, possibly for a Halloween Boss 🔥

With The Daily Bugle being removed from the game, it signifies the end of the Spider-Man collaboration in the storyline. Furthermore, since Green Goblin cosmetics were already released in Chapter 3 Season 1, there's nothing to suggest that another variant of him is coming to the game.

Although having this villain in Fortnitemares would be fitting, the odds of it happening are rather slim. That being said, readers can expect more information about this new weapon in the coming weeks.

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