Fortnite x Among Us backbling has secret feature that's spooking first-time users

Looks kinda sus...(Image via Mak_Tora/Twitter)
Looks kinda sus...(Image via Mak_Tora/Twitter)

The long-awaited Among Us collaboration with Fortnite has finally happened. Unfortunately, due to how the characters are shaped, they did not qualify to become outfits in-game.

Nevertheless, fans can still purchase the emote and back bling part of the crossover.

For those unaware of how to do so, all they need to do to obtain these items is purchase a star pack on the Epic Games store. Once done, the items from the crossover will appear in the inventory.

Thankfully, the cheapest star pack is only $1, making it cost-effective for everyone.

Purchase Among Us or any Among Us Stars pack from the Epic Games Launcher from June 9 2022 to June 9 2023 and get the Crewmate Back Bling and Distraction Dance Emote to use in Fortnite!Thanks @Luwwani for pointing this out!

Although the collaboration was not as wholesome as many had anticipated, the developers have truly left their mark on Fortnite. However, it would seem that the back bling has a secret feature scaring loopers and giving them the heebie-jeebies.

Among Us back bling's eerie feature terrifying Fortnite players

Usually, most back blings in Fortnite are static. Apart from a bit of jiggling about when users move, they don't do much.

Others are more dynamic and react to certain things that gamers might do. The back bling from the Among Us crossover has a similar feature.

It's suspended in midair since it's attached to the player's back. Thus, when they move about, its little legs are free to run in any direction it wants.

This is an adorable feature that makes the back bling seem lifelike. However, things take a dramatic dark turn if users get knocked out.


Discovered by leaker iFireMonkey, the back bling produces an eerie sound as soon as users are brought to their knees. Although it's not that loud, the sound can be off-putting during a tense fight.

Given how foreboding it sounds, it's bound to unnerve even the most steadfast of loopers in a given situation.

Nevertheless, the community loves this sound effect and wouldn't have it any other way. Since Among Us is a game that causes some anxiety for gamers, the sound fits in well with the back bling.

With Fortnitemares only a few months away, this will pair perfectly with the theme of the scary month.

Community wants back bling to be scarier

Despite the eerie knockdown sound, the Fortnite community is not phased in the least. In fact, some players want the Crewmate Back Bling to dissect itself in half when they get knocked out. This would not only make it more alluring but help bring the best of Among Us to the game.

@iFireMonkey you know what would put the icing on the cake? it transforming into a dead body

However, given the demographics of the game and the developer's stance on keeping it PG-13, blood and gore are a big "no-no" in the metaverse. Although characters die in-game, their deaths are never gruesome, and they merely de-spawn and eventually disappear.

The only time blood and gore can be seen is in the comics. A good instance of this is when Fishstick was killed.

With that being said, perhaps these visuals may be added as an optional feature in the future. But for the time being, the eerie sound effects will have to suffice.

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