"This season is awful": Fortnite pro community expresses distaste for Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite pros react to Chapter 3 Season 3 on Twitter (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite pros react to Chapter 3 Season 3 on Twitter (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 commenced on June 5, 2022, and the community's reactions to it have been a mixed bag. Several prominent pro gamers took to Twitter to shed light on Chapter 3 Season 3.

FaZe Nate Hill provided his take on Chapter 3 Season 3 by showcasing the different opinions offered by the pros, and labeled it as "competitive versus casual Fortnite."

Amongst the tweets he showcased, FaZe Cented's message was a highlight as he expressed his dislike for Chapter 3 Season 3 by stating:

"This season is actually f***ing awful."
FaZe Nate Hill compares the competitive versus casual gaming community (Image via NateHillTV/Twitter)
FaZe Nate Hill compares the competitive versus casual gaming community (Image via NateHillTV/Twitter)

Fortnite professional community reacts to Chapter 3 Season 3

Several well-known and popular professional gaming personalities have provided their opinions on Chapter 3 Season 3, after it went live earlier this month.

There were a handful of positive reactions, including from Luminosity Gaming's Nick Eh 30, who commended and applauded Epic Games for the work done on Season 3 Chapter 3.


The reaction from the Fortnite pro elicited a ton of fan reactions. Some fans were against the content creator's stance and stated the following:

@NickEh30 Be grateful cuz china doesn’t have it💀
@JaDeN____1 @NickEh30 fr too much events we just shoot npc's that u dont even need to shoot and u still comlete the event. the interactive events are just ass
@NickEh30 But what if I don't want to be?

Kyle "Bugha" was intrigued to see where he could find the heavy sniper in the latest season of the battle royale.

how do you get the heavy sniper

Fans replied by saying:

@bugha 99.99% sniper spawn rate .000001 two shot shogun. Please bring pumps back epic
@bugha honestly it should stay cuz so many people have had it in scrims ive played and people arent as brain dead to jump in with heavy sniper plus theres no rpgs
@Echotvv @bugha people will still use them like crashpads when they need a refresh

FaZe Clan's Sway wanted to know how good Chapter 3 Season 3 was.

how good is the new season

Fans replied by saying that the latest season was not up to the mark. A Twitter user claimed the guns were so bad that they were forced to use the Pump Shotgun.

@FaZeSway The guns are so bad i need the pump shot gun @FortniteGame

Another Twitter user claimed the season was average.

@FaZeSway seems pretty mid

The official Twitter handle for Overtime Gaming provided a banter-oriented reply by saying that they switched to Valorant.

@FaZeSway idk i switched to valorant

Some fans expressed their dislike for certain weapons.

@FaZeSway I haven’t played but I heard there is a stupid new shotgun, and the auto sniper, I am afraid to go on, cuz it might ruin it for me,

Serbian Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer Aleksa "Queasy" was not happy with Season 3 Chapter 3, and mentioned that everything felt the same.

Everythings the same 😐 + all the good pois got removed

While some fans questioned the gamer's opinion:

@QueasyFN I hope you're joking?

Others agreed with Queasy's opinion.

@QueasyFN same loot pool with 3 new guns 3 new POIs other than that it’s the same
@QueasyFN 3 seasons In a row they have copy and pasted a meta No one wants

Some fans pointed out the positives about the new season:

@QueasyFN it’s lowkey healthy for comp tho.. collider and covert in comp were just too overpowered..
@QueasyFN don’t get me wrong tho the aug striker and combat are the only guns ppl will be using.. all the other guns are still decent but just much worse
@QueasyFN Trio tourneys good though

G2 Esports team member Kevin "LeTsHe" had somewhat of a similar opinion as Queasy and claimed that nothing had changed for Chapter 3 Season 3.

nothing changed literally not a single thing for comp its the same meta augs still broken combat still broken i cant

Several fans agreed with LeTsHe's statement and mentioned that Epic Games is looking forward to developing gaming content oriented for casual players rather than competitive players.

@G2LeTsHe They literally just dont care about competitive anymore like just wanna please the freaking casuals
@Alpha72827039 @G2LeTsHe Yeah but that's the weird thing from epic they can just keep the smgs in casual pubs and remove them from comp

With the gaming community so divided over Chapter 3 Season 3, it is yet to be seen if Epic Games will make any changes to satisfy both the pro and the casual player base.

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