Fans react as Fortnite stars NickEh30, Clix and others spotted at Super Bowl LVI

The Fortnite Squad (Image via NickEh30)
The Fortnite Squad (Image via NickEh30)

The Super Bowl is a massive social event and Fortnite stars are no strangers to that setting. While it is the biggest football game of the year, there are a couple of reasons why star gamers might show up. For starters, they can afford it. Secondly, anybody who's anybody is at the game and that definitely applies to the pro gaming scene.

Fortnite stars NickEh30, Clix and many others shared with fans and followers that they were at the game, which made everyone ecstatic. Here's how they reacted.

Twitter erupts as Fortnite stars share pictures from Super Bowl

NickEh30 shared a picture of his squad hanging out at the big game in which the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 on a last-minute touchdown.

The Super Bowl is a huge social event (Image via NFL)
The Super Bowl is a huge social event (Image via NFL)

Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to react to these joyous moments. One fan was quite delighted to see a few of their favorite players together.

@NickEh30 ok but this photo hits different

Several fans were undoubtedly jealous, but only one decided to share that with the world.

The Super Bowl often brings out the best in people's fashion expertise, and that remains true for some gamers, too.

@NickEh30 deyyshawnnn lowkeyyy drippy

Loserfruit, another very popular player, was at the big game, too.

sry can't hangout..going to the freaking SUPER BOWL 馃コ

Tons of her followers were jealous, perhaps none more so than these two.

@Loserfruit No, I'm not are... Enjoy the evening and greet me the Bagels :P
@Loserfruit You are so fricking lucky I'm so jealous I hope you have an amazing time 馃憤馃嵒馃嵒馃嵒馃嵒

One follower was in shock over the announcement.


Ronaldo offered to pay people $100 if the Bengals were able to win. For a long time, it seemed like the 20 thousand people who liked the tweet might get that money after all. Ultimately, Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp had other plans.

If the bengals win the Super bowl I鈥檓 giving everyone who likes this tweet 100$

One person tried the opposite, though they may not end up paying everyone.

@StableRonaldo $50 to everyone who likes this reply if the rams win

Many fans were unsure if he was actually going to do it. It seems like they'll never know now.

The Super Bowl will always be a large social gathering. As games like Fortnite continue to become more mainstream, they'll have more representation at such grand occasions.

Pro gamers are becoming more and more prominent and their popularity grows every day. The amount of fans that were at the big game proves just that.

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