Fortnite x Breaking Bad collab rumors: Are they true or a hoax?

The Fortnite x Breaking Bad collab might never become a reality (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Fortnite x Breaking Bad collab might never become a reality (Image via Sportskeeda)

Crossovers and collaborations are nothing new in Fortnite. Over the course of two Chapters, Epic Games has partnered with a ton of franchises and brands to bring several well-known faces to the Fortnite Island. Luxury fashion houses like Balenciaga have their own set of Fortnite skins, showing off their creativity all over the island.

From Batman to the upcoming Naruto collaboration, the developers have continued to surprise players by bringing in old faces in a brand new avatar. Breaking Bad is one of the most well-known TV series and is known for its honest writing and a great cast of actors. While Fortnite has been associated with several renowned franchises, will we ever see a Fortnite x Breaking Bad collab? Or are these mere rumors?

Fortnite x Breaking Bad: Will Jessie Pinkman ever arrive in Fortnite?

It all started when a Twitter account going by the name FakeniteGame posted an image showing Fortnite x Breaking Bad artwork with an expected date for the collab. The account has been suspended since, but fans can take a look at the screenshot of the said tweet below.

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A now suspended account (Image via FakeniteGame Twitter)
A now suspended account (Image via FakeniteGame Twitter)

The tweet looks very similar to how Epic usually announces its official collaborations. This sparked numerous conversations and rumors that Epic might be planning to bring some Breaking Bad characters into the game. However, there are some lines that even Fortnite wouldn't want to cross.

While the idea of Fortnite x Breaking Bad seems tempting and excellent in quite a few ways, there are several reasons why it could cause an absolute disaster if the collaboration ever arrives in Fortnite.

Breaking Bad focuses heavily on drugs throughout the series, which is obviously not suitable for displaying to a younger audience. While Fortnite is played by people around the world of all ages, a major chunk of players are its children. Such a collaboration could certainly send them down a destructive spiral. For now, the community will have to look forward to the upcoming Chapter 3.

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