Fortnite x Easy Life & O2 Collaboration: O2 Event, free lobby track reward, and more

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite's latest collaboration brings an exclusive lobby track for players to unlock in a new event taking place in the Creative Mode of the game. Easy Life, an English alternative R&B group formed in 2017, mashes with Fortnite and combines the fan bases of each.

Epic Games' collaborations with other universes and groups have typically seen wild success, including Marvel's return with the Thanos Cup. Other music artists like Travis Scott, skyrocketed in popularity in Fortnite as well with their music and emotes.

Fortnite's O2 live event and lobby track

Fortnite players can experience a live in-game event by traveling to the Creative Mode and exploring London's famous O2 building. The English arena holds secret rooms and items for players to find as Easy Life performs a live set.

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The O2 live event will take place from June 24th-27th at 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time, giving players plenty of chances to experience the concert. The lobby track that Easy Life helped create can be unlocked by attending the live event in any capacity.

Players don't need to do anything special once in the live event to obtain a fresh soundtrack to listen to as they interact in the Fortnite lobby. The Island Code for the O2 event is 2500-3882-9781.

Image via Epic games
Image via Epic games

Easy Life will be the first British-based group to crossover with Fortnite and has expressed excitement at performing in the O2 building the game has included. Players who are fans of Easy Life have even said they are going to download Fortnite just for the event.

If this collaboration results similarly to previous live events and concerts that Fortnite has held, Easy Life should see a decent boost in popularity. While Easy Life may not be able to compete with major franchises like Marvel or DC, it has already pulled many fans to Fortnite.

Be sure to attend the O2 live event from June 24th-27th at 3:30 Eastern Standard Time to experience the concert and obtain the exclusive lobby track.

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