Fortnitemares 2022: What Fortnite players think of Halloween event this year

This year
This year's event (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite is currently in the middle of its yearly Halloween event. The spooky season is a popular time of year for the game as many players love the changes that it undergoes. The challenges, new characters, fresh skins, and map changes are always pretty popular.

However, this year has had a bit of a mixed reaction so far. While the Fortnitemares event hasn't lived up to many players' standards, others are thoroughly pleased with it.

Fortnitemares reactions: Do players like the event this year?

Fortnitemares be like
Can we agree that Fortnitemares 2022...

Others are baffled as to why certain Halloween classic items were not added and crash pads were.

Fortnite really just skipped over these for the remaining week of Fortnitemares and gave us crash pads..
Planes were supposed to be unvaulted today, but Epic changed the quest that's related to planes a MINUTE before it was supposed to go live.Instead, we got Crash Pads and no other Fortnitemares items. Honestly not sure why Epic handles this year's Fortnitemares like this... 🫀

One player thinks the Ash Williams NPC is the only good thing to be added this year.

Actor Bruce Campbell is in critical condition and has been admitted to the hospital this morning due to severe back pain caused by carrying the entire Fortnitemares Update on his shoulders

A Twitter user went so far as to call this season's Halloween event trash.

Fortnitemares 2022 cranking 90's

One gamer doesn't think this event feels anything like Halloween.

Cannot get over how epic gave us the bare minimum for fortnitemares This shit does NOT feel like a Halloween event at ALL. It sucks especially to look back at some of the better Halloween events and then snap back to reality to the disappointment we have now :(

Some players had hope, but it was eventually shattered.

Alright they removed the Claws aka the one new thing for this fortnitemares. I can legally say this now

Another Twitter user thinks other games have done a much better job with the Halloween season.

fornite is losing it fortnitemares sucked This year and overwatch 2 is doing better but epic are really slowing down it’s ether the storyline is starting to wrap up or something else like creative 2.0 makes sense why it’s slow but overwatch is doing good

However, not all players have been disappointed with the gameplay this season.

@RealShiina Yes it's amazing

Some are impressed with how good it's been.

God damn fortnitemares is good

It may not be the best Fortnitemares that has ever been released, but this gamer is thoroughly satisfied.

imo this fortnitemares is pretty good! I wish we had gotten the midas' revenge mode or that the new mythic was better/more original BUT tons of skins and even more encrypted ones? Imo its like a 7/10what do yall think?

One thinks that Epic Games is on a hot streak.

These Fortnite updates keep getting better and better. FORTNITEMARES is SO GOOD!

Another was surprised by how good the event has been so far.

Fortnitemares 2022 is actually really good

Most of the additions have been great, according to one looper.

So, Fortnitemares 2022 Is Finally Here... And I Gotta Say It Is Pretty Good πŸ‘... Rick & Morty Collab, New Boss & Mythic SMG, πŸŽƒ Launcher, Evil Dead Collab, Horde Rush And So More πŸ”₯... And Tons Of Map Changes... And Tons Of Free Stuff | #Fortnite #FortniteParadise #Fortnitemares

However, the majority of the community is at least a little bit underwhelmed with this year's event. There is still time for Epic Games to fix that, although that is less likely since there probably won't be another update during it.

What's wrong with Fortnitemares this year?

The biggest issue with this year's event is not that Epic Games didn't put any effort into it. They have added plenty of quality things, and many of the skins are good.

Ash Williams and Knowby Cabin have been excellent additions that almost everyone has liked. The two bosses, Willow and Inkquisitor, have also been welcome additions.

Ash Williams has been a great addition (Image via Epic Games)
Ash Williams has been a great addition (Image via Epic Games)

There are two main issues with this season. First, the overall additions have been lacking; there just haven't been that many. The ones that were introduced to the game have been good, but they've been few and far in between.

There is an argument to be made that something went wrong since the most recent Fortnite update had more Halloween things planned that had to be scrapped last night, but it's still an issue.

The second and bigger problem is that they set a very high bar in previous seasons. There's a reason everyone was so excited for the event and it's because it is always so good.

The last several Fortnitemares have been some of the most fun the game has been in a while, so players are hoping for more of that. They haven't got it yet and believe the event is worse than it actually is as a result.

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