Here's how one Fortnite skin had over 9 million customizable combos

Forged outfits were introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Forged outfits were introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Of late, customizable cosmetic outfits have become very popular in Fortnite. Players appreciate the freedom they have with regard to these items. Often deemed as pay-to-win, customizable skins are technically known as forged cosmetic outfits.

Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, Gear Specialist Maya was the first forged cosmetic outfit to be launched in the game. The skin was part of the Battle Pass that cost 950 V-Bucks. While the game's massive repository now boasts a plethora of customizable items, none come close to Gear Specialist Maya. But how does it have over nine million combinations? The answer to this question involves math.

Fortnite's Gear Specialist Maya outfit has over 9.2 million different unique combinations

For many players, 9.2 million different combinations might seem far-fetched, but a quick mathematical application confirms that this figure is indeed true. To understand this completely, one might have to familiarize themselves with the concepts of permutation and combinations. However, there is an easy way to get the gist of the calculation.

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Players need to bear in mind that Gear Specialist Maya had 13 different properties (aspects) like hair, tattoos, and more. These were further divided into selectable options, maxing out at six for some properties. Whenever a player would customize the base model and finalize the customization, it was registered as a permanent individual style.

For instance, if a player were to only change the hairstyle and confirm the change, the model would then be registered in Fortnite's memory as a unique edit style. This way, if the player were to employ all the different combinations and save all the styles, it would all add up to 9,216,000 combinations.

What made Gear Specialist Maya outfit different from other forged outfits in Fortnite


Gear Specialist Maya is one of the few forged skins in Fortnite that provide players with absolute agency over customization options. The latest forged skin, Snap, was meant to be something like Maya. However, players were disappointed by the limited customization features it provided as well as the fact that the design grammar of different parts didn't align aesthetically.

The following are the customizable features of the Maya outfit:

  • Hair - Default, Bob Cut, Ponytail, Pixie Cut
  • Tattoos - No Tattoo, Psychedelic, Lion Age, Ink, Flower
  • Sleeves - Default, Long, Tank Top
  • Boots - Boots 1, Boots 2, Boots 3, Boots 4
  • Shirt Color (Range A) - Default Shirt, Default Full Shirt, Gray, Gray Full, Green
  • Shirt Color (Range B) - Green Full, Dark, Dark Full, Brown Camo, Brown Camo Full
  • Shirt Color (Range C) - Arctic Camo, Arctic Camo Full, Jungle Camo, Jungle Camo Full, Urban Camo, Urban Camo Full
  • Vest - Default, Gray, Ammo Belt, Military, Black
  • Helmet - No helmet, Hat, Hat - Dark, Bucket, Helmet, Goggles
  • Pants Color (Range A) - Default, Gray, Green Camo, Dark Camo, Brown Camo, Arctic Camo
  • Pants Color (Range B) - Jungle Camo, Urban Camo
  • Face Paint - Makeup - No Face Paint, Makeup, War Paint, War Paint 2, Dirt
  • Scarf - Default, Scarf

Despite such an impressive list of customizable properties, the Gear Specialist Maya outfit could never attain what it was meant to because it couldn't be customized after Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 wrapped up.

As of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, there are over 10 different forged cosmetic items. This includes back blings, outfits, and harvesting tools. Although these items have become popular in recent times, they have been around since Chapter 2.

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