All Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Super styles

Fortnite Season 4 finally gets new Super styles. (Image via Epic Games.)
Fortnite Season 4 finally gets new Super styles (Image via Epic Games.)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is all set to get its first significant update. 22.10 will usher the game into the next phase of the season. Players can expect to see several changes. They can expect new weapons, updates to the map, and the much anticipated Fortnitemares 2022.

Update v22.10 will also bring into the game new super styles. Five characters from Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass, will be getting new Super styles. In addition to this, players will also finally get the Zuri Contest style. To everyone's surprise, Super styles are anything but Chrome.

For the uninitiated, Super styles, also known as Super Level styles, are progressive edit styles that are unlocked once players get past level 100 in the Battle Pass. Unlike past Fortnite Super styles, the latest ones are more colorful and don't follow the metallic monotone.

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New Fortnite Super Styles are polychromatic

With the latest update v22.10, players who are already past level 100 in Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass will finally be able to unlock Super styles. Unlike other cosmetics in the Battle Pass under level 100, these styles follow a different progression and require a lot of XP to maintain.


The new Super styles are broadly divided into three categories. They are:

  • Celestial
  • Spectral
  • Aurelian

While these are unlike Fortnite Super styles from past seasons, they give off a metallic tint. However, it is polychromatic and esthetically pleasing. These are the skins that will get new Super styles:

  • Paradigm
  • Bytes
  • Meow Skulls
  • Lennox Rose
  • Spider-Gwen

In addition to these skins, players will also use the Flightmare edit style for the Velocity outfit. The developers will also finally release the Fresh Ink edit style for Zuri. For the unversed, back in May 2022, the developers hosted a contest where patrons submitted tattoo designs for Zuri.

Zuri finally returns to the game with a new tattoo. (Image via Epic Games)
Zuri finally returns to the game with a new tattoo. (Image via Epic Games)

The selected concept was to turn into a tattoo for the Zuri outfit and would be released in the game. Zuri was last seen in the item shop in late September. It can be purchased for 1200 V-Bucks. Players who own the outfit will probably get the new edit style for free.

Players are happy that the new Fortnite Super styles are unlike the previous ones. They have always felt that until now, Super styles looked like an afterthought that rendered them undesirable. Players are excited that the new styles don't follow the same design grammar and only apply to the characters' outfits.

Other upcoming outfits

Players will also get a new set of skins beyond the Battle Pass in the upcoming days. With Fortnitemares 2022 around the corner, the item shop is brimming with Halloween-inspired cosmetic items. Many old spooky skins are now in rotation.

The developers have finally added the winning outfits from Concept Royale 2022 to the files. Named Sinister Glare and Undying Sorrow, these outfits have been adapted for the game and will be introduced very soon.

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