How to complete Fortnite Legendary Quest "Deal damage from above" quickly

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has a plethora of new challenges this time around, along with a few legendary challenges.

The latter offers a large amount of XP after completion, but they do have different tiers that players need to complete. And since they're slightly grindy in nature, almost all legendary challenges have a party assist activated on them.

Completing the "Deal damage from above" challenge quickly in Fortnite


To quickly complete this challenge, players need to drop into Hydro 16. The dam isn't a popular spot amongst players because there isn't enough loot there. So, it's a safe spot to land. Ruckus can be found patrolling inside the building and sometimes even on the outside.

The bonus about Ruckus is that this NPC has a lot of HP. Climbing up the stairs or building platforms to get above him and then landing hits to take him out will help complete this task efficiently. If players are in a party, taking Ruckus down is quicker and faster.


Ruckus has around 800 HP, so completing all tiers of this challenge in Fortnite using this method would see players landing around 25 times in this particular area to take Ruckus down.

If players are doing this legendary quest in Fortnite via a party, then having gamers who can build and gain height quickly is essential to complete it.

These legendary quests make things easier in Fortnite. Players would earlier struggle to grind through the battle pass to get the necessary XP to advance through the levels.

However, with Season 5, the amount of XP these challenges offer can help players zoom through the battle pass in no time whatsoever. They also get some XP for surviving long enough in a match. Coupling that with the XP they earn from these challenges in Fortnite makes XP grinding much more straightforward for everyone.

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