How Fortnite's first-person mode might work: Possible mechanics explored

How will the First Person Mode in Fortnite work ? (Image via Epic Games)
How will the First Person Mode in Fortnite work ? (Image via Epic Games)

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has maintained its third-person perspective (TPP). In fact, it might be the only game in its vertical that doesn't offer a first-person perspective (FPP).

Well, that's about to change. In a recent tweet, popular dataminer HYPEX shared that Epic is working on a first person mode. However, it seems like the mode is still in early development, and there isn't much info about it.

FIRST PERSON CAMERA IN FORTNITE πŸ”₯This update Epic began working on some stuff about first person camera mode but there's no other info about it at the moment as it looks like it's still in early development. Would work REALLY well for the Zero Build Modes πŸ‘€

This leak has the community excited and everyone wants to have a firsthand experience of playing Fortnite in FPP. The community is already dropping clips and other edited material to speculate what the actual mode could look like.

In connection with the upcoming first person shooter mode, a primitive video from chapter 2 is circulating around the community. In the video, the player experiences a glitch that renders the POV in the first person. The player uses a different class of weapons and even emotes. While the shooting looked similar to any first FPS game, the emote was rather disorienting.

Exploring possible mechanics of FPP in Fortnite


Fortnite has been an 'OG game' since the start which features structure building. A few games have implemented the same mechanics but none have come close. The game has its own legion of followers who won't settle for anything else. Now, with speculations about the introduction of the first person mode, will things remain the same?

The game that comes closest to mimicking what Fortnite in the first person will look like is Borderlands. The latter has somewhat the same aesthetic and is a first-person shooter. Taking hints from Borderlands, we can speculate that the game will have almost similar mechanics to what it has right now.

It seems natural, shooting in first person mode, and on that front the game will perform silmilarly. But the question of building structures still remains. What mechanics will the game follow as players start building?

The introduction of the recent 'No Build Mode' hints towards what could be expected of the title in first-person mode. Closely assessing the gameplay of games like PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone, and similar titles, it can be inferred that the mechanics of Fortnite's FPP mode could be similar to these games.


For the unversed, the above-mentioned games provide a point of view of the person engaging in the game and offer a view that people have in real life. Players can see the world through the eyes of the character.

It is possible that the developers will create a whole new mode for first-person view of the game. Will players be able to build structures or use emotes that still remain in question?

If the game were to go mainstream with FPP, what would become of the skins that people have gathered over the years? Will this translate into a separate Battle Pass for the first-person mode?

For now, with little to no information, all fans can do is speculate. Possibly over time, as the developers will make progress in this direction, new leaks might provide some insight into the game.

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